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Red Sign of Fire Alarm

We are a fire, escape & emergency lighting service & solution provider. We help you to protect lives and assets. Do you know your legal responsibilities in regards to your systems?


We have an Electric Vehicle Charger for every situation, from a single domestic SEAI grant applicable install to a Fully Managed Multi-Unit install in both AC and DC with payment management solutions. 


Power Right offers a wide range of systems from a wide range of suppliers incorporating many different technologies. Let us protect what is important to you.


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With over 35 years of experience, we are your one-stop solution provider for the design and installation of Fire, Energy and Security Solutions.


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We provide commercial and domestic services to businesses and families nationwide. Here’s a sample of some previous projects we have worked on.

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Latest News

5 Benefits of having a Smart Security System with a Fast Broadband Connection
Protecting your property with a smart security system offers you fantastic service and ease of mind. A smart security system ensures that your property is protected by intelligent devices that utilize the latest technology to provide the security services you need. To get the most out of a smart security system, having...
Better Security with Home CCTV Systems
It's not unusual these days to find CCTV systems in shops, restaurants, businesses and factories. They are all over Ireland and necessary for almost all commercial areas inside the country. However, the question is there any real advantage to installing a CCTV security system in your home? Are CCTV ...
An Introduction to Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting is a necessity for any building. It’s a must-have due to the simple fact that it is designed and developed to be of use during an emergency. Emergency lighting, as the name suggests, lights up during an emergency. It guides people towards the nearest exit during a power failure. Hence, these em...
Smoke Detector vs. Fire Alarm System: What’s the Difference?
To protect your home or business from the hazard of a possible fire, you will need something for protection and security. Two very common appliances used for this purpose are the smoke detector and the fire alarm system. Both of them have their own particular usage and are essential in helping you and your building sta...
The importance of Gate Safety and Maintenance
Gate security is a major cause of concern for anyone. After all, the gate is a major part of home security and keeps out unwanted people. This makes it essential to take care of the gate safety and maintain it. If your gate goes out of shape, it’s not going to perform the functions it has been installed for, whic...
What are the benefits of having an Electric Vehicle?
Electrical vehicles have long been considered as the future of the automobile industry and the way people travel. Running on rechargeable batteries, there are numerous electric car advantages that benefit both people and the Earth as well. In a world where climate change is becoming a more important issue by the day, E...
Top 7 Most Common Fire Causes and Prevention Solutions
Fires and blasts aren't really the most widely recognized sorts of working environment accidents here in Ireland, but when they do happen, they can be extremely hazardous – even fatal. Regardless of whether employees get away with the mischief or damage, the outcomes of flames can be incredibly costly for org...
5 Most Common Security Challenges for Businesses in Ireland
Despite the fact that technology has evolved into becoming more efficient and effective in regards to protection against attacks, today’s business world is still subjected to threats. Before, there were only physical threats and attacks on offices, stores, and factories; then, the focus came onto cyberattacks re...
Commercial Access Control Solutions in Ireland
Access Control Systems Access control is a method for limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. An access control system gives users access and special rights to systems, resources, and information.   In access control systems, users must present certifications before they can be allo...
Top 5 Tips When Choosing Monitored House Alarms in Ireland
A house security alarm happens to be one of the most effective burglary deterrents you can install in your home. Every 20 minutes, one illegal home entry took place in 2018.  Most of the burglaries take place between 6 – 11 pm during summer. 50% of the break-ins happen via the rear of the house. When select...
Standard CCTV Camera vs. Network IP Camera Comparison
Whether you are looking to safeguard your home, farm or business, enhance your health and safety measures, reduce fraudulent claims, add a visual theft deterrent or any behavior that warrants monitoring on your land, home or business, you always have a type of security camera that fits your needs. The very popular type...
889 HD CCTV Offer
Due to High Demand, the North Wests most popular CCTV offer is back at Power Right. Get a Smart CCTV System in your home or business with 2 HD Cameras installed and set up on your phone for the low price of €889 and that includes the Vat. Join the 2 and a half thousand Customers trusted by Power Right Energy Fir...
You should ALWAYS use a registered contractor to carry out works in your home or business.
You should ALWAYS use a registered contractor to carry out works in your home or business and always ask for a completion certificate or some proof of accreditation to the national standards after the work is complete. Otherwise you are putting yourself at risk and they are breaking the law. Power Right Energy Fire &a...
9 Reasons Why You Should Switch To An Electric Vehicle
The shift to electric vehicles (EV) is well and truly underway, with more electric cars than ever on our roads. There are also more industry and government initiatives available to help people to make the switch. It’s estimated there are currently around 5,500 electric cars on the roads in Ireland, but the Gover...
Interview in the Sligo Weekender - We are going Green
Power Right Fire and Security are proud to announce that they are making the switch to green and opting for renewable energy. The company with their headquarters based in Sligo are partnering with EVBox (A World Leading Electric Vehicle EV Charge Station provider for Public, Commercial and Domestic Properties) which sh...

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