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We are a fire, escape & emergency lighting service & solution provider. We help you to protect lives and assets. Do you know your legal responsibilities in regard to your systems?

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We have an Electric Vehicle Charger for every situation, from a single domestic SEAI grant applicable install to a Fully Managed Multi-Unit install in both AC and DC with payment management solutions. 

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Power Right offers a wide range of systems from a wide range of suppliers incorporating many different technologies. Let us protect what is important to you.

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Integrated Solutions

40 years’ experience in the design and installation of a full range of Integrated Fire, Energy and Security Solutions.


Maintenace & Services

We Service and Monitor your Fire, Energy & Security System’s around the clock ensuring they are always working efficiently and when needed.

Maintenance services  

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About Us

With over 35 years of experience, we are your one-stop solution provider for the design and installation of Fire, Energy, and Security Solutions.

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Your feedback is extremely important to us, hear what some of our most valued clients have to say about how we run our business and the service we offer them.

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Case Studies

We provide commercial and domestic services to businesses and families nationwide. Here’s a sample of some previous projects we have worked on.

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Fire Safety for Business: Top 5 FAQS of 2022
When researching potential fire protection options for your business, you might have a few questions about what kind of fire detection devices or fire alarms your commercial premises require. These fire safety FAQs answer some common questions.   What are the leading causes of fires? The leading causes of fires...
Electric Vehicle Race: Trends and Challenges
Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are growing in popularity across the globe as automakers compete against each other and entice their potential buyers with new electric models. Many countries in Europe offer generous incentives, including electric vehicle purchase subsidies, tax exemptions and grants for installing a h...
Emergency Lighting: Power Supply Types and Modes of Operation
One of the crucial aspects of building safety is emergency lighting. It is designed for an emergency, such as a fire or power cut, when the main power supply is interrupted and normal electrical illumination does not work. Such an emergency could lead to darkness and danger to occupants due to either physical hazards o...
Avigilon CCTV Systems for Large Facilities
There were times when video surveillance was pretty rare. Nowadays, it has become much more practical due to the affordability and popularity of CCTV cameras both at the workplace and at home. While many home security solutions may as well work for small businesses, large companies require large scale surveillance syst...
Access Control Tips to Keep Your Business Safe in Cold Weather
As the cold times of the year are approaching, you have to think about some security-related problems that may occur with your business. It is a well-known fact that the likelihood of burglary increases during autumn and winter months as adverse weather, darker nights and holidays can make business especially vulnerabl...
What Types of Emergency Exit Signs Are There?
There are quite a few popular devices to protect your business, such as fire alarms, panic doors and emergency lighting. While fire sprinklers put out fires and some detectors communicate an emergency, exit signs and emergency lights are to guide your employees and visitors to safety in the event of an accident or cris...
EVs and Electric Chargers: Benefits and Financial Supports for Companies
The transition to electrified transportation and electric chargers is becoming inevitable. That is why we concentrate on the reasons why this shift is a fantastic opportunity for public organisations and businesses. Companies contribute to reducing the threat of environmental changes and climate change by shifting to ...
Power Right Celebrate 1 Year as Installation Partners of Avigilon Security Solutions.
Today we attended the Northwood Technology and Avigilon Networking event in the Crowne Plaza in Belfast. We are delighted to complete our first year as Avigilon Installation Partners. Thank you to Mick, Mark, and Damien from Avigilon for the great presentations along with Colm and Wendy from Northwood Technology, we w...
Avigilon AI And Video Analytics Technology Explained
Smart video surveillance is advancing at full speed. Modern CCTV cameras are capable of automatically examine images to detect spatial and temporal events.  These capabilities are called video camera analytics. They form the basis of how AI works in video surveillance technology. What Is the Use of AI In CCTV Cam...
Avigilon Premium CCTV Solutions for Your Business
The average amount of money stolen from commercial premises is about €2,000. However, the cost in terms of damaged reputation or lost trade could be much higher. Installing high-quality CCTV systems is not only a pragmatic business decision. It is a central requirement for any company. Luckily there are plenty of ...
Emergency Lighting Safety Standards and Testing Obligations in Ireland
One of the essential elements of commercial and public building safety is emergency light for the reason that it allows all occupants to evacuate the premises safely in the event of a fire or another emergency within the building. Emergency lighting is a system of luminaires that consists of both emergency escape light...
Door Automation: Next Level Business Security
As a business owner, you may wonder if it is worth investing in automatic doors. Automated door systems use technology that is not present in manual doors. Thus, they cost more. Apart from the upfront cost, this business security solution will also increase your utility costs and are expensive to maintain. So, are auto...
Fire Risk Assessment: A Simple Walkthrough Guide
Fire safety is vital for every workplace and property. Appropriate safety measures guarantee that in the case of a fire, injuries to occupants and damage to property is minimal or avoided altogether.   What Exactly Is a Fire Risk Assessment? Fire Risk Assessments are requirements that have to be carried out acc...
Physical Security Trends 2021: Access Control
The last year of 2020 was challenging for many due to the COVID-2019 pandemic. We saw a drastic change in the way companies approach security. The security industry was famous for the slow adoption of new technologies. However, we witnessed a touchless access control boom in 2020. The number of wireless intercoms, auto...
Automatic Security Barriers: More Safety & Security
When looking at your business security, consider thinking about the overall site security rather than the building security. The measures you can put in place should make it hard for intruders to access as much of your site as possible. Every obstacle you put in their way makes them doubt their intentions to attempt a ...
Fire Alarms: An In-depth Buyer Guide of 2021
Fire causes damage for business and dwellers every year. This damage could have been prevented by contacting an experienced fire alarm system installer and setting up an affordable fire detection solution. Smoke and fire detectors are necessities. They should be present in every commercial or residential building sinc...