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About Us

With over 35 years of experience, we are your one-stop solution provider for the design and installation of Fire, Energy and Security Solutions.

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We are a fire, escape & emergency lighting service & solution provider. We help you to protect lives and assets. Do you know your legal responsibilities in regards to your systems?

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We have an Electric Vehicle Charger for every situation, from a single domestic SEAI grant applicable install to a Fully Managed Multi-Unit install in both AC and DC with payment management solutions. 

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Power Right offers a wide range of systems from a wide range of suppliers incorporating many different technologies. Let us protect what is important to you.

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Covid-19 Prevention Solutions

Now more than ever having a Contactless access control solution or Fever Screening CCTV is of paramount importance. Click here to learn more about our COVID Technologies.

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Your feedback is extremely important to us, hear what some of our most valued clients have to say about how we run our business and the service we offer them.

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Case Studies

We provide commercial and domestic services to businesses and families nationwide. Here’s a sample of some previous projects we have worked on.

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Latest News

Carbon Monoxide Alarm: What Do You Need to Know?
A carbon monoxide alarm is designed to warn you when CO levels have begun to accumulate over some time. It emits a siren before most people can experience poisoning symptoms. Whether you place a decent CO alarm at home or in your commercial property, it will allow you to respond appropriately to the problem.   W...
Water Leak Detector: An In-Depth Buyer Guide
Are you concerned about possible water leaks in your business or residential property? If you are, it may be the right time to invest in a reliable water leak detector. Most of the time, water leakage occurs due to a faulty pipe, high temperature or water pressure etc. These unexpected emergencies may compromise ...
Fire Safety in the Workplace: A Short Guide
Most of us spend about one-third of our life at work, and we expect our workplace to be safe. That is why there are fire codes and other protective measures. Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 is the main regulation in Ireland regarding fire safety at the workplace. So, who is responsible for workplace f...
Home vs. Business Security & Systems Comparison
Criminals find more and more sophisticated ways to violate your privacy and cause some damage to your residential or business property and resources. That is why the importance and popularity of security systems are on the rise.   Whether you are planning to upgrade your home security or improve your busines...
How to Keep Your Home Security Cameras Safe
One of the best and the most common solutions to improve your home security is installing CCTV cameras throughout your premises. CCTV cameras usually connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. So, you can receive alerts, record footage and watch a camera feed anytime anywhere. Ironically these security cameras may be a source...
Indoor vs. Outdoor Security: Systems Comparison
Taking care of your home and business means constant monitoring and improving the safety of your premises, possessions and resources (including human resources) by implementing modern security systems such as CCTV cameras, intruder alarms, intercoms and so on. One way to succeed here is to ask for advice from a knowle...
Top 9 Water Flood Alarms this Winter
A flood can happen anytime everywhere due to several reasons, such as a broken water heater or a supply line, a burst pipe, a clogged toilet, or a split hose connected to the washing machine. Thus, a proper flood alarm can protect your business and home security and prevent material costs. How do water detectors work?...
Perimeter Security: Home Security Guide in 2021
Most of the people feel safe when they are at home. Your house is more than just a place of living. It is something that protects your family and belongings. Sadly, your home can also be a target of criminals. According to statistics houses without any security systems in Sligo and all over Europe are about three times...
Introduction to Water Leak Detection Solutions
There are quite a few causes of flooding, including both man-made causes and natural disasters. Most of the man-made floods happen because of plumbing problems, pipe bursting or as a result of a malfunctioning water heater. In fact, 70% of floods are caused by water heaters leaking or bursting. The examples of natural ...
How to Improve Office Building Security During Pandemic
Most of the organizations all over the world have to operate now in completely different environments due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It affected the physical security of every company. Physical threats are rising, putting reputational and financial pressures on security staff and business teams. Last year the lack ...
What Type of CCTV Should I Get for My Business?
When it comes to the overall business security and safety of your premises, resources, customers and employees, video surveillance is a must-have. There are a number of benefits that a CCTV system can bring to your business: It deters crimes. The sight of a CCTV camera will keep criminals from carrying out illegal a...
The Importance of Physical Security
Digital platforms dominate the world these days as practically any business depends on IT for information exchange, monetary transactions and other business operations. Thus, digital security seems to be more important, but it is impossible to protect your digital assets without safeguarding your physical property and...
Home Security Alarm: Top 3 FAQs in Ireland
Quite a few independent studies show that burglars are more likely to target a house that doesn’t have any cameras, lightning and other visible home security elements or professional alarm monitoring in place than a home that is protected. A home security system is a network of electronic devices a...
Fire Alarms: An In-depth Buyer Guide of 2021
Fire causes damage for business and dwellers every year. This damage could have been prevented by contacting an experienced fire alarm system installer and setting up an affordable fire detection solution. Smoke and fire detectors are necessities. They should be present in every commercial or residential building sinc...
Electric Car Buyer Guide of 2020
An increasing number of people prefer to switch from conventional to electric technologies when it comes to vehicles. This year there are more than 17, 000 electric cars in Ireland, including plug-in hybrids. Consequently, the amount of reliable EV charger companies, offering affordable home charging stations and publi...
A Complete Business Security Solutions List of 2020
The physical security market has shown significant growth in 2020, especially in the enterprise segment, as they have a larger infrastructure to protect and a larger revenue pool to spend. COVID-19 played a crucial role in defining business security needs in 2020. Although many businesses had to shut down or ask its e...
Helping You Choose EV Charger Installers in Sligo
Nowadays there is a shift towards using electric vehicles, the EV sales are increasing each year, and soon the conventional cars won’t be allowed in the market at all. So, more and more homeowners and businesses are thinking of installing affordable EV charging stations either at home or next to their commercial ...