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We are a fire, escape & emergency lighting service & solution provider. We help you to protect lives and assets. Do you know your legal responsibilities in regard to your systems?

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We have an Electric Vehicle Charger for every situation, from a single domestic SEAI grant applicable install to a Fully Managed Multi-Unit install in both AC and DC with payment management solutions. 

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Power Right offers a wide range of systems from a wide range of suppliers incorporating many different technologies. Let us protect what is important to you.

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About Us

With over 35 years of experience, we are your one-stop solution provider for the design and installation of Fire, Energy, and Security Solutions.

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Your feedback is extremely important to us, hear what some of our most valued clients have to say about how we run our business and the service we offer them.

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Case Studies

We provide commercial and domestic services to businesses and families nationwide. Here’s a sample of some previous projects we have worked on.

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Choosing an Ideal Home Car Charger for Your EV
Electric cars are undoubtedly our future, so it is time to consider installing an EV charger at home. Using home electric vehicle charging stations accounts for about 80% of all charging done by EV owners. After all, it is the most convenient way to supply your EV with its daily electricity needs.  The home charg...
Electric Car Charging for Beginners in 2021
EV charging is an essential part of electric vehicle ownership. In this article, we are going to address all key issues related to electric car charging, including EV connectors, charging speeds, public EV chargers and charging at home and work. There are three types of electric vehicle charging options – r...
Commercial vs Residential Intruder Alarm Systems
An intruder alarm system is a set of electrical components that are connected to a property. These components are capable of detecting movement or the opening of windows and doors. If it happens, the system emits a loud alarm to alert people of unauthorized entry. Burglar alarms are used in in...
Water Leak Detector: Top 8 FAQs in 2021
Water damage is one of the biggest threats to your house security. It can happen due to leaky pipes and appliances, including, for example, a burst hot water tank, an under-sink faucet leak, or a frozen pipe. Fortunately, now this problem is an avoidable calamity. Homeowners can use water leak detectors to mo...
Automatic Security Barriers: More Safety & Security
When looking at your business security, consider thinking about the overall site security rather than the building security. The measures you can put in place should make it hard for intruders to access as much of your site as possible. Every obstacle you put in their way makes them doubt their intentions to attempt a ...
Emergency Lighting Installation: What You Need to Know?
An emergency light is a battery-powered device. It switches on automatically in case a building experiences a power outage. There are emergency lighting standards requiring high occupancy residential buildings, such as hotels and dormitories, and new commercial buildings to feature such devices to e...
Gate Automation: Most Important Pre-Purchase Tips
Gate automation is one of the most popular solutions to improve and protect your home privacy, ensuring a safer and more secure environment, free from unwanted intrusion. Besides, an automatic gate is more convenient to enter and exit as you do not have to physically open and close it.   There are some thing...
Today’s Biggest Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in the World
Global analysts predict that by 2030 electric vehicles will outsell the conventional ones. Soon it might become cheaper or comparable to buy and operate electric cars, as opposed to internal combustion engine vehicles.  Having an EV car means spending less money on servicing and maintaining it. Moreover, they are...
Fire Alarms: An In-depth Buyer Guide of 2021
Fire causes damage for business and dwellers every year. This damage could have been prevented by contacting an experienced fire alarm system installer and setting up an affordable fire detection solution. Smoke and fire detectors are necessities. They should be present in every commercial or residential building sinc...
Electric Car Buyer Guide of 2020
An increasing number of people prefer to switch from conventional to electric technologies when it comes to vehicles. This year there are more than 17, 000 electric cars in Ireland, including plug-in hybrids. Consequently, the amount of reliable EV charger companies, offering affordable home charging stations and publi...
A Complete Business Security Solutions List of 2020
The physical security market has shown significant growth in 2020, especially in the enterprise segment, as they have a larger infrastructure to protect and a larger revenue pool to spend. COVID-19 played a crucial role in defining business security needs in 2020. Although many businesses had to shut down or ask its e...
Helping You Choose EV Charger Installers in Sligo
Nowadays there is a shift towards using electric vehicles, the EV sales are increasing each year, and soon the conventional cars won’t be allowed in the market at all. So, more and more homeowners and businesses are thinking of installing affordable EV charging stations either at home or next to their commercial ...