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Home Charging Stations

Our Home Charging Stations are available in various capacities, and types. Ranging from Simple to Smart. We can provide a simple plug and go charger or a Smart Charger with App Access, which can work in sync with your other electrical devices in you home. Get in touch and we would be happy to talk through your requirements.


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Business Charging Stations

With our current partnership with Irelands Largest Private Charging Network we have a charger for every situation, We work with property owners, builders & site managers to designate a suitable charge point location. We provide a full charge point installation service. We consult and oversee the charge point installation if you are using your own contractors. We monitor, maintain and manage payments after installation is completed.

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DC Public Chargers

DC Fast Chargers are some of the most advanced chargers in the industry. With our partners we use cutting-edge hardware and technology that is rigorously tested to be safe and reliable. While our stations are rugged and built to withstand the elements, they also are designed to be driver-friendly, offering a premium charging experience.                         

The Public Charging Network is part of an overal EV charging solution that includes 24/7 driver support, cloud-based software with features designed for specific industries and world-class service and maintenance. The Network is the only cross compatible Charging Network with the ESB ECars Public Network.

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Charging Management

Our charging management software automates the tracking and invoicing of all charging sessions on private and public charging stations. This platform is essential to both businesses and lease drivers.

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Let our charging accessories accommodate your charging (management) needs. We offer wall brackets and poles for a secure installation of our chargers, charging cables in various lengths, and branding options including custom labels and covers.

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For a free no-obligation quote please click on the button below and one of our Energy Advisors will be in touch with you very shortly.

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