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Charging at home has never been easier!

Safe. Smart, and Simple. Save time by charging your electric car on your driveway or in your garage so that you can hit the road with a full battery every day. Safely charge at home by simply plugging your electric car into a Pulsar or Pulsar Plus. Connect, Control & Monitor your Charger from your App in the palm of your hand. Then unplugging it to drive. With a 2-year warranty, a home charging station is a must for every EV driver with off-street parking.

White square Wallbox Pulsar electric vehicle charging unit with rounded corners


Small but very powerful, Pulsar charges your vehicle quickly and intelligently. Bluetooth connectivity also means all of the Pulsar functionalities can be accessed remotely. Pulsar’s design is the most compact on the market and features the most advanced technology to provide the maximum charging performance for the vehicle.

Download technical specifications brochure of Wallbox Pulsar home ev charger

White square Wallbox Pulsar Plus electric vehicle charging unit with rounded corners and green writings

Pulsar Plus

Wallbox Pulsar now comes with a big PLUS. Even smarter, Pulsar Plus has power Boost intelligence that balances charging and home energy use, maximising power available to your vehicle but also protecting you against overload, reducing the charging demand when electrical appliances like electric showers are in use. The new Pulsar Plus also includes Wi-Fir connectivity, App access and DC leakage protection to ensure your installation is up to date with the latest safety standards.

Download technical specifications brochure of Wallbox Pulsar home ev charger


Why charge with a Wallbox Pulsar Home Charging Station?


Pulsar is the best selling Wallbox Charger, Designed specifically for the home it is compact, economical and packed full of technology and features. The Wallbox Pulsar is suitable for every type of vehicle, with Type 1 and Type 2 tethered connectors and is rated all the way up to the maximum domestic charging power of 22kw. It is one of the quickest and smartest chargers available.

Charges 8 times faster (and more safely) than a regular outlet

Our charging stations hold numerous safety certifications and compliance standards so that you can rest assured that EV charging will not put your home at risk.

Ensures you leave home every morning with a full battery

Avoid anxiety around finding an available charging station and paying more expensive public charging fees. Having a Wallbox Pulsar or Wallbox Pulsar Plus guarantees you’ll always have a spot to charge.

Wallbox Pulsar and Pulsar Plus series products infographics featuring light blue color in a white background


Get a Charging Station that Best Suits your Needs!

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