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Green and white PVC frame with glass panel emergency exit lighting fitted to the ceiling of commercial premises in Galway

Emergency lighting is the primary system to ensure a safe passage of escape from a building in an emergency. 

Emergency Lighting automatically illuminates when the power fails showing people the safest way to the nearest exit. All commercial buildings in Ireland should have a functional escape lighting system installed and tested to comply with IS. 3217:2013 standards.

Emergency Lighting Sligo, Mayo, Donegal

Emergency Lighting should take into account the following:

  1. Escape route signs
  2. Changes in level
  3. Changes in direction
  4. First aid points
  5. Fire alarm or fire fighting points
  6. Moving stairways and walkways
  7. Toilet facilitates for disabled use
  8. Motor generator or plant rooms
  9. Corridor intersections

At Power Right, we can install and service Emergency lighting systems to the appropriate standards and ensure you stay compliant with the law. Our installations range from retail shops and offices to surgeries, and bars/restaurants all over the northwest of Ireland.

All our systems are installed and serviced to the most recent standards and codes of practice including IS. 3217 : 2013

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Challenges Choosing Emergency Lighting?

Cost – The cost of an emergency lighting system is not just about how much you pay to purchase it. You also have to factor in the cost of installation, testing and maintenance.

Maintenance – The challenge of maintaining emergency lighting systems involves finding competent personnel and following a strict schedule.

Read on to learn more about other challenges that may be encountered.


How Much Does Emergency Lighting Systems Cost? 

On Amazon UK, for example, a non-maintained LED wall exit light with 3-hour backup power can cost a low of €18.99 to upwards of €48 per unit.

A wall-mounted 220V LED safety light with 360-degree rotation can start at €58 and up.

If you are in the market for an emergency lighting system, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Find these reading a full article of emergency lighting costs.


What Are the Regulations and Standards for Emergency Lighting? 

Emergency lighting systems are generally sub-divided into two major parts: emergency escape lighting and standby lighting.

To ensure that the emergency lighting fittings remain constantly operational, there is a need for periodical servicing.

All maintenance and testing of emergency lighting systems are mandated to be done regularly and should ensure compliance with the I.S 3217: 2013.

Follow the proper emergency lighting testing standard so you can have peace of mind that your lighting will work in any case of emergency.