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Why install a managed EV Charging Station?


Automated Billing & Management
We understand that managing multiple charging stations (across various locations) may involve quite a bit of work. This is why we automate the billing and settlement of all charging sessions with your staff and/or leasing partners—so all you need to do is focus on what matters most to you. The Staff Member / Customer or Client Deals directly with us so you don't have to.

Efficient Power Consumption
We make it our goal to maintain safe and energy-efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your appliances at home or facilities in the workplace. Avoid unnecessary costs and get the most out of your charging stations in case of limited power capacity with our Smart Charging features, such as Load Balancing, and Peak Shaving.

Interoperability and Customisation
Our Chargers using the Monta Charge Fobs are the only current chargers on the market that seamlessly communicate with the Existing ESB E Cars Network. This allows your staff or customers to use your chargers using a one-stop solution card but also allows your Electric Fleet Drivers to charge for Free at work and also charge in the field using the same card should you wish.

Power Right Ctek Chargestorm Powered by Monta

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