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Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems

Having an alarm system installed in your business can help provide peace of mind in the knowledge that it is protected 24 hours a day. At Power Right, we have the knowledge and experience to design and install the most effective alarm system to meet your requirements. All our systems are installed to the very strict standards of the EQA and PSA.

Protect your home or business with our burglar alarm systems. We tailor systems to your needs to ensure complete 24/7 protection. Power Right stocks a full range of alarm systems including:

  • HKC Wired and Wirefree Alarm Sytems
  • Siemens SPC Grade 3 panels
  • Full range of detection and warning devices

HKC fully wireless and hybrid panels

The hybrid panels are supplemented with a wide range of detection and life safety devices. The intrusion detectors include motion, and vibration. and contact sensors while the life safety devices include smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. The range also includes dual push wireless panic buttons, a secure keyfob and a wireless keypad (complete with audio and visual display) in addition to internal and external warning devices.


Intruder Alarm Monitoring is crucial to homes and businesses across Ireland.  Power Right in conjunction with Smart Monitoring provides monitoring facilities for Intruder Alarm, Panic Alarm, Duress Alarm, Fire Alarm, Flood Detection, 'Open & Close' protocols, GSM Back-up, and most importantly Anti-GSM Blocking Detection.

Any time your alarm is activated, you will have Peace of Mind knowing that one of our experienced controllers will be in contact with you within seconds. All our monitored connections now utilise GSM/GPRS technology, ensuring that there can be no interruption in your alarm signal reaching our 24-Hour Monitoring Centre.

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