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Every year fire is responsible for causing millions of Euros worth of loss and damage in Ireland and sometimes causing tragic loss of life.

It is a statutory requirement for businesses to have a fire alarm installed on the premises and to employ the services of a specialist company to complete the routine maintenance of the system.


Red circle fire alarm bell fitted at the wall in an office in Sligo

Fire Alarm Installation

Fires present a major and unpredictable risk to people and property. Installing a fire alarm system will automatically identify a fire within a building in seconds enabling occupants to evacuate.
Power Right can design, install and complete the maintenance of fire alarms to conform to current industry standards.

Fire Alarm Servicing

We will provide a competitive quote to service any sized fire alarm to industry standards. We carry out the maintenance, inspection and testing of fire alarms and issue a report and certification on each service ensuring your company is conforming to regulations.

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Red fire alarm circle shape bell on the left accompanied by smoke alarm fitted to the ceiling on the right

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Install Fire Alarm Systems?

The fire alarm installation is vital to save your equipment as well as your property in case of any fire. Also, it guards your employees against the possible risks of health.

There are several reasons why you should go for introducing fire alarm system on your commercial property including property damage, 24/7 protection, employee protection.

With the help of a smoke alarm system, you can easily prevent the fire from spreading in the office. With the advanced technology such as sprinkler system, lit-up exits, and programmed entryways, you can avoid destruction. Find out more, reading the full article about the fire alarm system installation for your business.


What Type of Fire Alarm to Install?

Fire causes business damages every calendar year. Some fire incidents remain long in the courts as insurance and businesses fight dirty to share the spoils. Fire alarm and smoke detectors are necessities and should be part of every house or commercial premises.

There are two broad end-users of smoke detector and fire alarm systems: domestic and commercial users. Read further to find out types of a fire alarm to install for each.


How Much Do Fire Alarm Systems Cost?

The cost of a fire alarm system depends on several factors. These include the size of the building, the type of system, steps needed for installation, and local building codes.

In Ireland, fire detection equipment and installation methods must adhere to the most current standard code of practice (IS:3218:2013: NSAI). Find out more factors that affect the pricing of fire alarm systems and why.