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Veesion - Intelligent Video Surveillance.

Power Right are proud to announce our partnership with Veesion. Veesion is a Global Security company that detects thefts automatically in real-time.

Thanks to Veesion, thousands of retailers around the world are reducing shrinkage by over 60% thanks to their Smart AI which works with most camera systems in the world. Receive real-time alerts when theft or suspicious behaviors are detected.


About Veesion

Veesion is a Paris based security company that has developed a gesture recognition technology. Since 2018, we have been detecting gestures of theft in stores around the world, with a goal of eradicating shoplifting and theft.

Their gesture recognition software leverages the latest advances in Deep Learning to automatically detect obvious theft gestures in real time at retail stores from existing surveillance cameras.

How does our anti-theft system for stores work?

Veesion is an anti-theft system for stores around the world. For several months, our developers and AI researchers "trained" the Veesion algorithm to detect theft by giving it millions of examples of suspicious gestures related to theft. Our software is able to detect thefts that take place in front of store cameras. In AI, the continuous learning process allows our technology to get better and better and eventually reach 99% detection rate.

1. Installation of the software on the store's existing cameras:

After connecting our server to your video recorder, we synchronize the Veesion software with the cameras in your store. In less than 30 minutes you start receiving your first alerts.


2. Sending alerts on the tablet or phone available to the store:

Once connected to your cameras, the system will send you notifications on your tablet, phone or computer (even on your cash registers). These notifications are short videos allowing you to quickly identify the suspect and intervene in real time.


3. Stoppage of the thieves by the store's security guards

After receiving the alert, the security guard will be able to apprehend the thief before he flees and use the video notification to avoid any outbursts: The video proof allows you to quickly put the suspect in front of the security guard’s eyes, who can then decide to act if necessary after the checkout.

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