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Fire Alarms

It is a statutory requirement for businesses to have a fire alarm installed on the premises and to employ the services of a specialist company to complete the routine maintenance of the system.

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Explosion-Proof Fire Safety

Power Right can offer you Hochiki's Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof range of products has been designed and produced to ensure that all the great benefits of Hochiki's high-quality fire detection technology can be safely operated within industrial and hazardous environments.

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Emergency & Escape Lighting

All commercial buildings in Ireland should have a functional escape lighting system installed and tested to comply with IS. 3217:2013 standards.

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Risk Assessments

Every employer in Ireland has to legally manage fire safety. A Fire Risk Assessment can be an effective tool in achieving this and gain an overview of both areas of compliance and areas of noncompliance.

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Service & Maintenance

To give greater assurance of reliability, correct servicing is essential.

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