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Is your Business Electric Vehicle Ready?

Aug 01, 2018
A commercial multi-package solution in a dark purple color featuring LED ring with light green lights

Is your Business EV Ready?

With the government planning an outright ban on sales of Petrol and Diesel Engines by 2030 and a commitment to having 500,000 Electric cars on the road the rise of Electric Vehicles on our Roads is inevitable. Customers and Employees alike will require charging and it is widely expected for Building Regulations to reflect this in new builds and for the Government to require existing companies and premises to accommodate electric vehicles.

Power Right Energy Solutions in association with EV Box are the North Wests leading EV Charger installer and can guide you through the design of your Electric Vehicle Charger Set up from a single domestic SEAI grant applicable install to a Fully Managed Multi-Unit install.

Common Questions about our EV Chargers.




Who are Power Right Energy?

Power Right are a family owned business based in the North West who have been in business for over 35 years, Our dedicated workforce of 22 plays a key role in achieving the strategic goals of the company. We are registered as a Safe Electric Ireland Installer and have been provided with specialist training from EV Box in Design, installation and commissioning. Power Right aim that all installations and services carried out will exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptionally professional and high-quality service to all our customers.

Who are EV Box?       

EV Box are one of the leading global manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Charging Management software. EV Box is one of the largest EV Charger suppliers in the world with over 50,000 units installed worldwide including the entire public charging infrastructure for the Netherlands where they were formed. EV Box modular charging system that enables easy installation, maintenance, upgrades and above all, uncompromising quality and reliability backed by an extensive 3 years manufacturers warranty.

What Sockets do we use?

We recommend the use of EV Box Business Line Sockets 3 Phase 11kw 16a combined with EV Boxes Back End Software for Commercial premises with Charging Management. Business Line sockets are available in Single and Double. The initial Charger is referred to as a Hub Charger which includes all the GSM communication equipment. You can add on as many Satellite Chargers as you wish to the first charger. For cost effectiveness, it is recommended to install doubles which can service two parking spaces per unit.

Who Pays for the Electricity and How much?

As the Electricity account holder, you will be responsible for paying back your Electricity Supplier Directly for the Electricity consumed when charging. You could, however, charge your customer or employee for using your charger. We give you the easy to use software to keep track of all electricity consumption per user. At present the average cost of an kilo Watt hour (kWh) in Ireland is 18cent. A small car like a Nissan Leaf has a 30kw Battery and a larger vehicle Like a Tesla Model S has a 75kw Battery. Therefore a full charge could cost between €5.40 and €13.50. It will be up to you to decide on your tariffs to the customer.

How does the Customer Pay?

We can issue you with as many addressable RF Fobs or Cards. The Charger can only be activated with one of these cards or fobs which you can manage the distribution of. The usage can then be tracked on EV Boxes easy to use software which we give you included in your Monthly Subscription.

What does my subscription cover?

A small annual subscription covers access to EV Box’s Charging Software, All Communication via a sim card supplied by us, All software and firmware updates. Also included is Automated Invoicing, Load Balancing, Smart Charging and real-time charging status.

Does EV Box or Power Right take any commission on the Electricity used for Charging the Vehicles?

No, The Monthly subscriptions fee is fixed and not related to any Electricity consumed.


1 Charger -      Single Hub                                                                                    1 x 3 Phase 11kw 16a

Starting from €1350 Plus Installation

2 Chargers –    Double Hub Unit                                                                      2 x 3 Phase 11kw 16a

Starting from €2500 Plus Installation

4 Chargers -     Double Hub Unit & Satellite Hub Unit                           4 x 3 Phase 11kw 16a

Starting from €4800 Plus Installation

6 Chargers -     Double Hub Unit & 2 x Double Satellite Unit -           6 x 3 Phase 11kw 16a

Starting from €7200 Plus Installation

Charging Time for 3 Phase 11kw 16a Charger – Nissan Leaf (30kw) from Empty 2 Hrs,

Tesla Model S (75kw) from Empty 5hrs.


1 Charger - Single Hub                                                                                               €9 per month

2 Chargers –Double Hub Uni t                                                                               €15 per month

4 Chargers - Double Hub Unit & Double Satellite Unit                           €27 per month

6 Chargers - Double Hub Unit & 2 x Double Satellite Unit                    €39 per month

Case studies and Testimonials available on request…

For more information Call now or for a free no obligation Site Survey and or Quotation…                  1800 93 888 1  

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