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The Value of Using Paxton Access Control in Healthcare Facilities

Apr 13, 2023
The Value of Using Paxton Access Control in Healthcare Facilities

Health sector buildings require a secure environment for patients, visitors and employees using their services. Moreover, healthcare buildings have numerous high-cost assets that need to be kept safe from theft, damage and misuse. Various access control solutions grant people permission to move about premises whilst limiting public access to specific areas, such as the pharmacy or operating theatres.

Paxton, one of the most reliable physical security manufacturers, suggests security products for sectors, including healthcare, commercial, retail, education, leisure and the public sector. Let’s discuss the benefits of using its products for healthcare facilities.


Management Benefits

Besides limiting and granting right to enter to particular zones, Paxton provides solutions assuring higher safety for sensitive areas.

  • With its Control and Key apps, a responsible user can manage several sites remotely from their smartphone or tablet.
  • With the Net2 Pro software, admins can easily and quickly manage the flow of visitors around health facilities to restrict the maximum number of people in specific areas.
  • Video intercom allows communicating with visitors before letting them access your building. It consists of three elements: an internal monitor, an external panel and a door control unit. Video intercom systems can function as a standalone solution or integrate into an existing access control system.
  • Wireless door handles allow swiftly securing single or multiple doors (PaxLock Pro), for instance, pharmacies and storage cupboards. The PaxLock range is a collection of wireless door handles with electronic batteries. Tokens allow going through the controlled doors. 


Setting Access Permissions

Depending on the solution you choose entry rights can be managed remotely from a smart device or browser, from a PC or locally at each door. Paxton solutions help manage healthcare sites with numerous entry permissions. For instance, Paxton10 utilises Bluetooth to provide access to visitors, whereas Net2 ensures securing a building at the touch of a button in an emergency.


Automated Settings

There are additional possibilities, such as automatically-generated roll calls or triggers and actions (rules created by administrators).


Integrating the System

One of the ways to make your building secure and streamlined is integrating Paxton Net2 software with other systems:

  • Intruder alarms. Net2 can manage access control systems and an intruder as one in different areas of the building.
  • Fire alarms. In the event of an emergency, your fire doors will automatically open.
  • Video Security System. Net2 system integrated with CCTV is an efficient way to view the footage linked to certain access events.
  • Lift, heating, lighting control. The Net2 I/O board has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. The board, placed in the building as required, can be configured using the Net2 software to control access to lifts.

Paxton10 is a next-generation video and access management platform. Its modular provides a cost-effective camera and door management from a single controller.

One server can accommodate up to 1000 doors. All the components are easy to set up. It is possible to integrate this system with intruder and fire alarms and ensure:

  • better control for larger sites
  • easy arming and disarming of alarms
  • lower risk of false alarms
  • release all doors in the event of a fire


Modern access control systems are a must-have for any healthcare facility as it is absolutely vital to assure the safety of staff and patients as well as sensitive data, medical supplies and business assets.

There is a number of different ways to safeguard a hospital, and considering various security options, such as PaxLock wireless door handles, video intercoms, Paxton10, or Net2 door entry systems, is imperative to define the best option. If you have any questions about the above, do not hesitate to get in touch with Power Right professionals.

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