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Avigilon Premium CCTV Solutions for Your Business

Sep 08, 2021
Avigilon Premium CCTV Solutions for Your Business

The average amount of money stolen from commercial premises is about €2,000. However, the cost in terms of damaged reputation or lost trade could be much higher. Installing high-quality CCTV systems is not only a pragmatic business decision. It is a central requirement for any company. Luckily there are plenty of decent CCTV solution providers, specializing in business security to choose from.

Advances in security technology have led to a proliferation of revolutionary solutions to compete with traditional security services. Here are some innovative surveillance cameras offered by Avigilon that features both the necessary image detail and the intelligence to make sense of the information obtained. 


H5A Fisheye Camera

Large facilities, such as hospitals, schools, retailers and manufacturing plants, require superior situational awareness and constant monitoring and optimizing the processes. The H5A Fisheye Camera is a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that provides 360° panoramic views of large areas from a single vantage point, bringing superior situational awareness without any blind spots. Schools, retailers, offices, hospitals and manufacturing plants can use this high-resolution CCTV system to monitor and optimize operational efficiencies.  The camera is also embedded with AI capabilities and analytics to detect critical events and improve the productivity of security teams.


H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection

Coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed health and safety requirements for businesses around the world. Touchless systems offer a new level of ease of use while addressing virus transmission issues at access points and points of sale.

This surveillance camera is capable of detecting faces, measuring the temperature, and notifying operators if someone exhibits indications of elevated body temperature. So, it is a reliable security solution providing a contactless alternative to traditional screening methods and enabling pre-screening to keep people and facilities safe.


H5A Rugged PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera

PTZ cameras are present in many institutional, commercial, and industrial locations, whether a parking garage, religious facility, retail storefront, sporting venue or construction site. The Avigilon Rugged PTZ camera performs reliably and continuously in the toughest environments. It is built to last for mission-critical applications. This camera combines 360-degree PTZ views, high-resolution imaging, and up to 36x zoom.

Moreover, it features an extremely durable design backed by best-in-class protection standards and ratings. So the Rugged PTZ camera can take on the most challenging outdoor deployments for transportation, city security, critical infrastructure, industrial and manufacturing applications.


H4 LPC (License Plate Capture) Camera

Even though LPC cameras have typically been deployed in both mobile and fixed applications by public safety organizations, they are becoming much more common in B2B and commercial sectors. Nowadays, LPC cameras are being developed and sold by CCTV solution providers to meet new and unique customer needs. As the technology gains accuracy and grows, the prices drop. So, more and more businesses will begin to use this technology to provide access control, revenue generation, and safety.

Avigilon LPC camera can capture vehicle license plates even in challenging lighting conditions and from a range of distances by using infrared illumination and visible light filtering. It automatically adjusts exposure settings and IR beamwidth based on the surrounding conditions to maximize image quality.


Small businesses and large enterprises should prioritize the safety of their employees, customers and facilities. It is not only thefts and burglaries that businesses are protecting themselves against. A superior CCTV system can back up an alarm call with video evidence and get the emergency services on site.

Surveillance cameras also allow you to spot vandalism, fires and floods at your empty business premises. Thus, installing premium security systems from a reputable CCTV solution provider, such as Avigilon, is the best way to guarantee the safety of your business.

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