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8 Reasons to Choose Avigilon to Secure Your Organization

May 02, 2023
8 Reasons to Choose Avigilon to Secure Your Organization

Different businesses may have different security requirements. Even so, the number one requirement stays the same for every organization. It is customer and employee safety. In 2017 the European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research published a study which revealed that installing surveillance cameras in the workplace reduces security concerns among workers by almost 50%.

Moreover, ultramodern CCTV equipment suggests more than just surveillance. It can act as a marketing tool, guard, data analyst and more. There are several ways in which Avigilon CCTV solutions can improve security on your premises.


1. Multi-Dimensional Views

Avigilon CCTV systems provide optical zooming in and out as well as views from multiple angles to get the whole picture of a situation.

2. Tactical Marketing Tool

A state-of-the-art surveillance camera system is capable of reading facial expressions, providing essential information on where you should place the most interacted-with and best-selling products for your customers to increase sales. 

3. Extensive Lifespan

When kept well-maintained, Avigilon hardware products feature high reliability and decent life expectancy, backed by a 3- or 5-year warranty. In some cases, a 3-year warranty can be extended to 5 years.

4. Advanced Search Function

A complete CCTV system has a remarkable appearance search feature that allows you to isolate specific items in the footage, for instance:

  • height and gender
  • item of clothing
  • specific time
  • number of a license plate

With this technology there is no need to look through hours of video to find what you need. It is an enormous advantage, especially when dealing with a live case of a lost person or a robbery. Additionally, you can get the proof fast for insurance claims.

5. Unusual Events and Motions Detection

Nowadays, business CCTV systems are much more than just recording and replaying. Modern surveillance cameras are intelligent and support Self-Learning Analytics. It means that with time the system can learn that some information is ordinary and some are not-so-normal. So, if the CCTV camera is used for an empty car park view at night, it can raise an alert when seeing a car in the same situation.

6. Focus of Attention

With the Focus of Attention feature the operators can monitor your CCTV camera footage from fewer screens and in a smarter way. The colour of a camera icon indicates areas that require attention. Hovering a cursor over the icon will bring up the camera footage. Hence, Focus of Attention offers an effortless method of managing your site’s cameras.

7. Upgradable Software and Hardware

Avigilon business CCTV system allows for adding unlimited cameras in the future. Thus, it is possible to modify the existing system to your requirements and benefit from the latest advancements in video surveillance hardware and software. Avigilon designs CCTV cameras to be future-proof, leaving plenty of space for upgraded components.

8. Capability To Comply with The General Data Protection Regulation

There is a user password and tiered access for any user actions. What is more, it can delete recorded data after a determined period. Therefore, you do not possess any personal data if the footage of a person is unnecessary. Keep in mind it is imperative to advise people with a sign or a notice that they are being filmed by CCTV.


Avigilon is one of the best manufacturers of business CCTV solutions. Paired with its control centre software and analytics, your commercial-grade cameras can provide a range of exceptional features, including unusual events and motion detection, the focus of attention and appearance search. Besides, Avigilon CCTV systems comply with GDPR, function as a marketing tool and are easily upgraded.

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