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Avigilon AI And Video Analytics Technology Explained

Oct 19, 2021
Avigilon AI And Video Analytics Technology Explained

Smart video surveillance is advancing at full speed. Modern CCTV cameras are capable of automatically examine images to detect spatial and temporal events.  These capabilities are called video camera analytics. They form the basis of how AI works in video surveillance technology.

What Is the Use of AI In CCTV Cameras?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) uses special programs to analyse the images and audio from surveillance cameras to identify vehicles, objects, humans and events. Artificial intelligence provides CCTV systems with a “digital brain” to work in collaboration with their “digital eyes” (surveillance cameras).  Thus, AI program works by utilizing machine vision which is a series of algorithms. These algorithms function as sequences of questions to compare the observed object to many stored reference images. So, AI can help to scan live footage from several CCTV cameras with no human interventions.


What Kind of AI Technology Is Available in Video Surveillance?

The newest CCTV systems may possess a wide variety of features, including, for example, neural networks to drive self-learning video analytics for better accuracy in perimeter protection and indoor environments. Here are some of the video analytics technologies used in Avigilon CCTV systems:


Appearance Search

It is a state-of-the-art deep learning AI search engine. It can quickly sort through hours of video to locate a specific vehicle or person of interest. All you need to do is upload a photo, enter physical descriptions, or find an example within recorded footage. For instance, operators can search for people by selecting their gender, age and clothing colour.

Appearance search can significantly reduce incident response time and facilitate forensic investigations. Besides, it helps operators find video evidence and disclose an individual or vehicle’s last-known location. This technology is available in H4 Multisensor camera and in the H5A line.

Facial Recognition

This AI-powered technology enables quick identification of people of interest, and therefore it accelerates response times and allows you to respond to events proactively. The H5 Pro camera features facial recognition and COVID-19 response technology to help keep facilities and people safe.

Focus of Attention

This feature introduces a new concept in video monitoring, suggesting a more intuitive way to obtain and process information about current security events. Focus of Attention interface is powered by Avigilon CCTV cameras, self-learning analytics and artificial intelligence. It detects and visually highlights the events that require your extra attention.  It uses colour-coded nodes to mark different levels of importance:

  • Blue for “Motion”
  • Teal for “Unusual Motion”
  • Yellow for “Unusual Activity”, “Face Watch List”, “License Plate Watch List”, “No Face Mask” etc.
  • Red for “Alarm”

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition analytics automatically reads information from vehicles’ license plates, linking it to recorded and live video. It allows security operators to find specific license plate videos for investigation and verification. The benefits of such technology are:

  • Fast identification
  • Opportunity to import and create license plate watch lists
  • Security alerts
  • Regional support
  • Opportunity to restrict access

Unusual Motion Detection

This advanced AI technology can continuously learn what a routine activity in a scene looks like. Then it identifies and flags unusual motion. As a result, operators are able to filter through large amounts of recorded video in minutes instead of hours when using Avigilon Control Center video management software. Such cameras as the H4 Mini Dome and H5SL camera have this technology to increase situational awareness.


Ultramodern security surveillance camera systems can analyse data on-site. Such advanced devices as Avigilon security cameras powered by video analytics and AI provide greater efficiency and better functionality. Due to the advent of AI and IoT, security solutions are becoming more and more powerful in terms of guaranteeing a piece of mind for you and safety for your business.

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