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Door Automation: Next Level Business Security

Jul 11, 2021
Door Automation: Next Level Business Security

As a business owner, you may wonder if it is worth investing in automatic doors. Automated door systems use technology that is not present in manual doors. Thus, they cost more. Apart from the upfront cost, this business security solution will also increase your utility costs and are expensive to maintain. So, are automatic doors necessary for your type of business?

Even though all the mentioned reasons for keeping your manual doors seem valid, there are some worthy advantages of installing automatic doors. For instance, despite that automated doors need the energy to operate, they save you energy costs elsewhere.

They only open as needed, maintaining a temperature-controlled environment. So, you will spend less on cooling and your heating business. Moreover, door automation is a very effective business security solution and here are the ways they can protect your business:


Control Access

If you run a hotel, a grocery store or a medical office, you expect the automatic doors to open for anyone, no matter who is approaching them. Nonetheless, if your business or workplace requires granting access only to select individuals, door automation can help achieve that goal.

Many automated systems give security staff remote control over whether the door opens or not. Your personnel can control over who enters the premises and what areas they access. This security feature can be helpful in banks, apartment buildings, scientific labs, and other commercial buildings.

Such doors can help you keep strangers or unauthorized staff out of restricted areas, even if you do not have a dedicated security guard. Some automated access control systems connect to keyless entry systems. That means only employees and visitors with activated key cards or passcode can make the door open.


Fire and Smoke Security

Every commercial building must prepare for dealing with such security threats as a fire. Automatic entrance doors allow employees and visitors to exit the building quickly in large numbers, which is a matter of life and death when a fire breaks out. During the tense and rushed atmosphere, people will not have to sort out the manual doors.

Furthermore, many automated doors in interior hallways are programmed to close whenever a fire or smoke alarm goes off. These doors are fireproof, so they keep the fire out from entering other parts of the building. It also prevents the spread of smoke and allows people to escape to safety.


Locking Unwanted People In

It is essential to be able to block unwanted people inside your commercial building until police officers arrive. Securing the burglar in an empty room is the best-case scenario. As a result, your employees stay safe, and there is no way for the thief to escape.

This feature is available when your automatic doors are connected to the access control system. Another useful security solution is video monitoring. It is necessary when identifying the intruder’s location. 


Increase Customer Safety and Perception of Your Business

A recent survey revealed that 98% of clients prefer automatic doors. Not only because they provide better accessibility, but also they create an image of a safe and trustworthy environment. People expect to find automated entrance doors in such locations as hospitals, hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and retail shops.

Moreover, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and safety requirements and expectations have changed. Nowadays, people feel much more secure surrounded by touchless technological solutions.


One of the most effective business security solutions to provide your employees and customers with a piece of mind is an automatic door system. Such doors can be an access control tool by granting entrance to only authorized people. They can also protect your staff, visitors and property in case of fire. What is more, automated doors have become a sign of safety during coronavirus pandemics, and they create a positive impression on your customers.

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