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6 Solutions That Take Your Business Security Seriously

Jun 06, 2020
6 Solutions That Take Your Business Security Seriously

The rapidly changing world requires businesses to constantly be up to date with the latest innovations in security solutions in order to be ahead of the curve. Investing in thermal CCTV cameras and touchless door sensors are among the top security options to consider, especially with people returning to work in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a business owner, you want to show your staff and clients that you are serious about keeping them safe. This goes for keeping out unscrupulous people, as well as preventing the further spread of the Coronavirus disease and other contagious illnesses. Here are six of the top business security solutions to consider.

Touch-Free Temperature Screening with Access Control

Contactless access control is among the most important security concerns for businesses to look at. The way how people enter a business facility and interact with its different physical spaces is expected to be far from normal when compared to before the pandemic. With an emphasis on preventing people with Coronavirus symptoms from gaining entry into business spaces, touch-free temperature screening takes centre stage. This security solution involves the use of temperature screening thermal cameras which can quickly measure people’s body surface temperature.

Products such as the Hikvision Touch-free Terminal uses thermal CCTV camera technology to monitor access control. If someone is trying to access a building and an elevated temperature is detected, access is automatically denied. If their temperature falls within the normal range, entry is allowed without the person needing to touch the door or other surfaces.

Temperature Screening with Fast Deployment

Depending on the size of your establishment and the level of traffic your business encounters, you want to ensure your temperature screening methods allow for a seamless flow while enhancing safety. Shoppers, clients, and office workers want to be able to enter and move around without being inconvenienced. At the same time, you want to prevent infected people from slipping through the cracks while minimising false alarms. This means you want to implement temperature screening solutions with fast deployment. This involves:

  • Quick screening and detection using thermographic cameras
  • Screening of multiple subjects at a time
  • Ability to signal system operators in quick time to prevent entry.
  • Allowing appropriate actions to be taken without disruption

Handheld Temperature Screening Devices

Another important business security solution for life after COVID is the use of handheld temperature screening devices. These devices use infrared technology to quickly measure skin surface temperature and let the operator know the results. Reading can be achieved in a second with many of these temperature screening devices, making it possible to mass test people entering commercial spaces. Moreover, handheld temperature readers can be used in for further testing and confirmation if someone who has been flagged for high temperature by a CCTV thermal camera.

Handheld temperature screening devices carry several benefits, including:

  • They are small, discreet and highly portable.
  • Ease of operation
  • Produces quick results
  • Suitable for high traffic areas such as airports, supermarkets, cinemas, etc.

Facial Recognition Terminals

Apart from temperature screening, it is highly important to know who is entering your company and for what purpose. Facial recognition products provide the best solution where this is concerned. A facial recognition terminal scans the facial biometric features of an individual and matches it against a database. If a match is found and certain criteria met, entry is allowed.

Face recognition terminals can be used in a number of ways where contactless access control is required, including access doors, automatic gates, and intercom systems. Recommended facial recognition products include the Suprema FaceLite and the Suprema FaceStation 2. Both of these terminals offer a range of features, including fast face matching speeds, fake face blocking technology, secure data protection, and high compatibility with other access control solutions.

Contactless Switches

As mentioned, reducing contact with surfaces is also helpful for businesses to play their part in eliminating disease spread. This is especially critical in facilities where a high level of hygiene is required, such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants and food processing facilities. In moving around, people tend to touch a lot of surfaces to gain entry, including door handles and locks, access keypads, light switches and elevator buttons. Unfortunately, the hands can pick up and spread a lot of germs, along the way, including the Coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

Contactless switches serve the purpose of giving access while preventing the touching of surfaces, thereby minimizing the chances of germs spreading. There are several notable contactless switches on the market suitable for a variety of applications.

  • The Magic Switch: This is a touchless microwave sensor that allows door access via hand motion.
  • Hotron Clearwave Non-touch: Detects hand movement to allow access to secure or hygienic facilities.
  • Hotron J-Wave: Similar to the Clearwave but has a slim-profile design ideal for door jamb application.

Audio/Video Intercoms

Intercoms have been used for many decades to regulate business access control. They are used to interact with visitors to find out who is visiting, the purpose of visiting and were on the premises they are going. Internally, intercoms are used as a convenient way to communicate with employees and share information.

Today’s audio/video intercom systems come with many advanced features to enhance commercial security. Operators are able to verify the identity of visitors and more easily determine whether they should gain access. Some solutions in this category are paired with computer software and mobile apps that provide alerts and notifications, as well as making it possible for operators to grant or deny access remotely.


Here at Power Right, we think business security should be at the top of the list for companies looking to restart operations in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. For that reason, we believe the special emphasis should be placed on ensuring your establishment is fitted with the best temperature screening solutions. These will help to not only keep employees safe but also help with reducing the spread of the disease among the wider population. If you need help with selecting the right temperature screening and thermal imaging security solutions, or any other contactless access control services, feel free to reach out to our team.

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