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Essential Openpath Smart Office Products to Transform Your Workplace

Apr 03, 2023
Essential Openpath Smart Office Products to Transform Your Workplace

When we hear the words “modern workplace”, most people usually think about open concepts, plenty of natural lighting and contemporary furniture. However, a modern office is more than the physical environment.

New technologies are transforming the way employees interact and work within their offices. Investing in smart products is investing in the office as a whole, including the way employees work and the spaces themselves.

The right tools can streamline workflows so that employees gain more time to focus on what is essential. Moreover, smart technology allows for enhancing the overall environment by ensuring offices are more energy efficient, comfortable and secure.


What is Smart?

What makes such devices, such as automatic door openers, wireless locks and face recognition, smart? The core of most such technologies is IoT (Internet of Things) sensors.

These indoor motion-detecting sensors determine occupancy using ultrasonic, infrared, microwave, or similar technology. They collect data to analyze and provide insight into office usage, which makes these sensors an integral component of a business IoT technology strategy.

It is possible to connect various smart features to a single dashboard that collects, stores, and analyzes data. IoT sensors control everything from automatic doors to coffee makers.

So what office products are worth to invest?


Access Control Systems and Security

The first aspect to consider is how employees enter and exit the premises. Choose state-of-the-art technology like automatic door entry system with wireless locks or face recognition.

Openpath, for instance, suggests award-winning Triple Unlock technology that supports multiple access methods. Additionally, its smart readers vary from the ones that support video visualization to the ones that feature a keypad.


Meeting Room Management

One of the ways to optimize the space you have is by installing a meeting management platform. Openpath access control seamlessly integrates with Google Workplace, allowing your team to:

  • Automatically import, sync and manage all users as well as revoke access;
  • Create control permissions and automate access schedules for user groups;
  • Monitor room usage;
  • Reduce double-booking spaces and speed booking requests;
  • Admins have a better understanding of which types of equipment to invest in;


Collaboration Tools

Nowadays, remote work is increasingly common. Thus, having technology ensuring effective collaboration is a must-have for a smart office. To do so, we can invest in video equipment, install virtual whiteboard software and store data on a cloud server.

Openpath offers integration with one of the most popular business messengers Slack. It empowers your staff to unlock doors from their Slack chat window. This feature is great for the remote workforce as it permits unlocking doors for deliveries or after-hours staff.


Smart Energy Solutions

Other effective smart office assets are modern energy solutions that increase efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of your business. Some popular technologies are smart lighting, HVAC systems and IoT sensors, using motion detection to collect data on occupancy and usage.


Occupancy Management Solutions

Entry and exit smart readers can track how many individuals are in a given zone. Once a set occupancy threshold is reached, the system denies new users. Managers can assess the real-time capacity of any space using the Occupancy Widget.


Touchless Door Entry Systems

The pandemic caused heightened awareness around spreading germs by touch.  Some entry access control methods, such as handles, elevator buttons and PIN pads, suddenly became unsafe. Many businesses turned to deploy touchless technology. One example is Openpath’s door entry systems with a contactless Wave to Unlock feature.


Smart offices implement technology to increase collaboration and productivity, as well as improve the working environment through enhanced security, energy efficiency, and streamlining processes. Utilizing data analytics and connected technology makes certain the workplace complies with your specific requirements and needs.

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