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Benefits of Using Pelco Surveillance Cameras in Schools

Mar 24, 2023
Benefits of Using Pelco Surveillance Cameras in Schools

Many workplaces and schools choose to install CCTV systems as a security method. The phenomenon started in the 1990s when such businesses as restaurants and banks adopted cameras for security purposes. The goal was to protect businesses from illegal activities, including violence and theft. These surveillance cameras were usually visible and acted as a reminder to employees as well as to outsiders that they must follow laws and rules.

In the field of education, it is essential to maintain a safe physical space for staff and students, as a critical factor for nourishing pupils’ well-being and enabling the best academic performance. Compared to other school safety measures, such as controlled access to buildings, a surveillance camera system is the second most common campus security measure.

Video surveillance cameras have been proven effective in strengthening campus safety. However, it is worth noting that improper use of CCTV can lead to concerns about privacy invasion.

Pelco is one of the global leaders in the development and manufacture of video security solutions, including CCTV cameras, video management and recording systems, security software, and aligned services.

This security technologies company understands the existing application challenges that administrators in education face. Therefore, there are a few benefits of implementing its surveillance solutions in educational institutions.


High-Quality Images

The foremost concern of education administrators is continuously and proactively monitoring students, faculty, staff and assets. Pelco offers scalable solutions that can function effectively in small schools and large institutions with several campuses.

For instance, the Sarix Enhanced 3 Series Fixed IP camera line provides the schools with detailed images, superior resolution and the ability to cover more area. The Sarix cameras are vandal and water-resistant, capturing images in challenging lighting conditions, including bright areas, intense light and shaded areas.


Smart Analytics Technology

Intelligent video analytics technology provides impressive accuracy in the recognition and classification of behaviour, people, vehicles and other stationary or moving objects. Automating alerts and tasks allows managers to monitor traffic for better incident management.

Smart Analytics contains multiple object behaviours, for example, “objects in the area”, “direction violated”, and “tamper detection”, enabling us to respond to situations requiring immediate attention.

Outdoor campus areas, such as sports fields and parking lots, benefit from cameras with powerful zoom and long-distance capabilities. Sarix Enhanced Outdoor Security Cameras are ideal for reliable facial recognition and capturing distant activity with high accuracy.

Both Sarix Mini-Dome and IR Bullet solutions contain advanced autofocus options which ensure clear, focused footage regardless of the scene or environment. They provide sharp, stable images with high clarity in the presence of wind movement and vibration.

The outdoor security cameras could be useful when replaying and analysing student-athlete injuries to minimize such events in the future.


Seamless Integration with Third Parties

The video management system VideoXpert allows professionals to see what they need to see. This VMS presents a scalable solution ranging from entry-level set-ups to systems that support thousands of cameras across the continents.

VideoXpert offers various integration options for other solutions, such as analytics, access control, and building management systems. Additionally, all Pelco CCTV cameras can integrate with any third-party VMS.


Smart Compression Technology

Smart Compression Technology lowers storage requirements and bandwidth by up to 70% while maintaining image quality and potentially critical information for forensic purposes. Moreover, it is available at no additional cost for the new products.

One of the most advanced CCTV solutions featuring Smart Compression technology is a vandal-resistant fixed Sarix Corner Mount Camera delivering comprehensive video coverage of small to medium areas.


The school system aims to operate more efficiently while keeping its premises safe for learning. Any educational institution can benefit from installing a Pelco CCTV system taking advantage of the broadest selection of industry-leading indoor and outdoor security cameras, effective video management systems and the flexibility to integrate with third-party manufacturers.

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