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Access Control MCM Spirits

Mar 13, 2023
Access Control MCM Spirits
Case Study: Implementing an ACT Enterprise Access Control System to Comply with Revenue Guidelines and EN1125 Standards for Doors on Escape Routes for a Bonded Warehouse



A bonded warehouse is a facility that stores imported goods under customs supervision until the goods are exported or cleared by the customs authorities. It is crucial to ensure that the facility has robust security features to protect the stored goods, prevent unauthorized access, and comply with strict revenue guidelines.

Our client, a bonded warehouse, needed to implement an access control system that could provide advanced security features, comply with revenue procedures, and enhance the safety of stored goods.


The bonded warehouse needed to comply with strict revenue procedures that require advanced security measures, including access control systems, to protect the stored goods. However, the warehouse faced several challenges in implementing an access control system, including:

  1. To comply with Revenue Guidelines for bonded warehouses.
  2. A need for advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Compliance with EN1125 standards for Doors on Escape Routes – Notable Panic Escape Devices

We installed an ACT Enterprise Access Control System with a MIFARE Fob Reader that allows the warehouse to assign access rights to specific individuals, providing advanced security features to ensure that only authorized personnel can access designated areas. The system is also easy to use, install, and configure, reducing the cost of ownership.

A MIFARE fob reader is a type of contactless smart card reader that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to read and write data to MIFARE fobs, which are small plastic discs or key fobs that contain a microchip. MIFARE fob readers can provide a higher level of security compared to traditional key-based systems, as the fobs can be encrypted and require authentication to access certain areas or resources.

Furthermore, the system allows for remote monitoring and control of the system, making it easier to manage the system, monitor who is accessing designated areas, and control access remotely.

Compliance with EN1125 Standards for Doors on Escape Routes – Notable Panic Escape Devices

EN1125 is a European standard that specifies the requirements for panic exit devices on emergency escape routes that provide a safe and easy way to exit buildings in an emergency. The electrified 9800MLR CC 3 Point Panic Set is compliant with EN1125 standards, ensuring that the system meets the highest standards of safety and security.

This compliance ensures that the system has been tested and approved to meet the necessary standards and regulations for panic exit devices. This feature assures that the system provides a safe and efficient way for individuals to exit the designated area in case of emergencies.


For a bonded warehouse, adherence to strict revenue guidelines and advanced security features are essential to protect the stored goods and prevent unauthorized access. Power Rights Installation of an ACT Enterprise Access Control System with a MIFARE fob reader and an electrified 9800MLR CC 3 Point Panic Set compliant with EN1125 standards provides a robust and reliable solution to meet these requirements.

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