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Access Control Tips to Keep Your Business Safe in Cold Weather

Dec 06, 2021
Access Control Tips to Keep Your Business Safe in Cold Weather

As the cold times of the year are approaching, you have to think about some security-related problems that may occur with your business. It is a well-known fact that the likelihood of burglary increases during autumn and winter months as adverse weather, darker nights and holidays can make business especially vulnerable. Let’s take a look at several problems you may face and how to avoid them.

Dark Environment

Companies that operate standard office hours will shortly start opening and closing up in darkness. The whole period that the building is unoccupied, it will be dark, providing intruders with a bigger window of opportunity.

Frozen Locks

It may happen if either the lock or door is stuck in ice. The best way to avoid this situation is to ensure your premises don’t have any gaps in the door opening or ventilation issues.

Broken Keys

The cold makes the keys, especially the older ones, more brittle. Then, suddenly, the key may snap as you turn it. Try removing broken keys by using a pair of tweezers.


What Can You Do to Improve the Access Control Process and, Overall, Security Throughout Your Premises?


Install Additional Lighting

Light is the best way to combat darkness. Illuminate the entrance and perimeter of your premises with security lighting that works on a sensor, so an intruder cannot stay undetected.


Choose An Alternative Door Entry System

Key locks are the most inexpensive form of physical access control solution. When it comes to safety and convenience, conventional key locks may not be the best option for a commercial property. Here are a few examples of alternative door entry systems:

Keypad. Staff members or visitors enter the correct code to enter. These entry systems allow using multiple codes. It is a simple and effective way to grant or restrict access.

Intercom systems. Visitors use an intercom system to communicate with admins and get access remotely. They just need to press a button on the panel and wait for a responsible person to answer the call. You can install either an audio-only or video intercom system.

Key card access control system. It is probably the most popular access security method for organizations in the world. Visitors and employees swipe an ID badge or a plastic card in front of or through a reader to enter the building. Swipe cards are less expensive than proximity cards. Nonetheless, it is worth investing in proximity cards as they are more fast, durable and convenient for users.


Minimize Weather-related Issues

There are a few things you can do to make sure your card readers and metal buttons on your keypads function as they should:

Weather shield. It is a quick and inexpensive waterproof fix for access control systems, such as keypads, card readers, biometric readers and other door entry systems.

Heater. It might be the best solution for areas with exceptionally harsh winters. Heater kits maintain a temperature above freezing. It allows installing access control units not only outdoors, but also in freezers and unheated warehouses.


As days are getting shorter and the temperature drops, businesses may face some potential safety risks. However, there are several upgrades you could review and implement. Some of the crucial aspects of overall security are decent lighting and a reliable access control system.

Depending on your business needs and budget, you can purchase a simple and less expensive keypad or more sophisticated video intercom system. If many people have to go through an access control terminal, go for a proximity card reader. Protect these access devices with a weather shield or a heater, if necessary.

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