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Avigilon CCTV Systems for Large Facilities

Dec 18, 2021
Avigilon CCTV Systems for Large Facilities

There were times when video surveillance was pretty rare. Nowadays, it has become much more practical due to the affordability and popularity of CCTV cameras both at the workplace and at home. While many home security solutions may as well work for small businesses, large companies require large scale surveillance systems.

Such commercial systems include multiple recorders, monitors and cameras. So, purchasing a CCTV system is a sizable investment. That is why it is vital to choose the systems made by reputable and trusted manufacturers of security solutions.  Here are some reasons why we recommend installing Avigilon surveillance camera systems in shopping centres, stadiums, factories, warehouses, car parks and other large facilities.


Multi-dimensional Views

Modern cameras, such as H5A Fisheye or H4 Multisensor cameras, provide panoramic views of large areas from multiple angles. H5A Fisheye camera brings superior situational awareness and allows optimizing operational efficiencies, monitoring processes and detecting critical events.


Advanced Search Capabilities

This AI technology lets you find the data you need fast and effortlessly. The fact that this process is quick is a huge advantage. If there is a live case of a robbery, you can get the necessary proof and act fast for any insurance claims. Their Appearance Search allows finding, for example, a person of a particular height or someone carrying a bag. H5A and H4 cameras feature this technology.


Detection Of Unusual Events and Motions

These intelligent CCTV cameras can learn movements, process information and determine if the environment is normal or not. So, if the car park is normally empty at some particular time, then the camera treats this situation as normal. If one day the camera detects some unusual movements at the same time, it can emit an alert to initiate an investigation.

These features are called Unusual Motion Detection technology and Self-Learning Video Analytics. Such security solutions as H5M, H5SL, H4A, H4SL and H4 Mini Dome use these technologies.


Operating In Areas with Poor Visibility

Some solutions, such as the H4 Thermal camera, enable long-range perimeter protection and uses thermal technology to function under challenging conditions. This CCTV camera detects the presence and movement of vehicles and people in camouflaged scenes, low lighting or absolute darkness. Having this device means you do not need to install additional lighting.


COVID-19 Management

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and has changed health and safety in the workplace forever. One of the efficient tools to control safe social distancing and detect high temperatures is using innovative CCTV and access control equipment.

There are many new options for commercial management to identify and trace employees or clients with elevated temperatures. Avigilon cameras and AI-powered video analytics help can continuously monitor social distancing and count people exiting and entering your facility.

Moreover, it is possible to detect individuals who do not follow health guidelines, that is, they do not wear protective masks.


Future-Proof Investment

You can tailor this system exactly the way you want as there’s no limit to the number of surveillance cameras you can add. This manufacture offers equipment with exceptional high-definition video quality and no buffering time. Thus, you can get the information fast and act swiftly.


Multi-building factories and commercial facilities present unique security challenges that companies must deal with. Avigilon provides sophisticated, durable and highly customisable solutions for commercial sector customers.

Their intelligent surveillance cameras let you see panoramic views of the premises from different angles in high-definition quality, detect unusual motion and elevated temperatures, operate in complete darkness and make sure your employees and customers follow health and safety guidelines at work.

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