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What are the Benefits of EV Charge Points for the Hotel Industry?

May 31, 2020
What are the Benefits of EV Charge Points for the Hotel Industry?

Tackling air pollution caused by vehicles continues to be high on the list of priorities for many governments around the world. According to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, tailpipe emissions accounted for over 7 million deaths and over $1 trillion in health costs back in 2015. One of the measures being taken to combat harmful emissions from diesel vehicles and reduce environment pollution is encouraging more people to drive electric vehicles.

One challenge with electric vehicles is that they need to be charged from time to time in order to be operational. In Ireland, this issue is being addressed with more electric vehicle charging solutions being rolled out to the wider public. Easy Go, for instance, has developed a variety of home and business charging stations, as well as DC public fast chargers. Power Right has partnered with Easy Go to help increase access to these charging solutions in order to encourage more people to get on the EV wave.

When it comes on to commercial charging solutions for electrical vehicles, hotels are among the establishments that can derive a number of benefits from installing EV chargers. Popular hotels in Ireland that have already implemented EV charging on their premises include Clarion Hotel, the Armada Hotel, and the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel. EV charging is not only for large hotels, there are also single-unit charging stations available for motels and bed and breakfasts.

With that said, what are some of the main benefits for hotel properties to install EV charging stations?

Get Government Support

In Ireland, the government offers tax incentives on electric vehicle charging points under the Accelerated Capital Allowance program. Businesses are able to write off 100% of the cost of buying and installing these charging stations. This can have the effect of reducing the hotel’s tax bill and increasing cash flow, even while opening doors to the other benefits on this list.

Increase in Visitors

Having an EV charging station on a property can help your hotel gain new visitors, in addition to people already booked. Travellers passing your hotel can stop over to have their vehicles charged and possibly spend on snacks and drinks while waiting. Revenue received from non-guests in this fashion can help fill shortfalls during slow seasons and add to company profit.

Attracting New Target Markets

Installing an electric vehicle charge point can lead to your hotel property becoming more attractive to demographics that would not have thought about staying in your establishment otherwise.

More “High-Value” Guests Staying Over

Many electric vehicle owners are considered to be in the upper classes because of their status as higher-income earners. It follows that higher earners are more likely to spend more and pay for premium services when staying at a hotel. Obviously, having an EV charging station on the property will boost your chances of attracting these affluent people.

Help to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Hotels are among businesses under pressure to reduce their carbon footprints as part of their green corporate social responsibility. With an EV charging station, your property will be attracting more people with electric vehicles, which means your property will be contributing to lower emissions since there will be less gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles parked on your premises.

As you can see, there are many significant benefits for hotels that install electric vehicle charging points. If you own a hotel property and wondering where to get started with EV charging stations, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Power Right EV Solutions team for further assistance.

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