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CCTV Solutions: Top 5 Market Leaders In VMS (video management system)

Feb 15, 2022
CCTV Solutions: Top 5 Market Leaders In VMS (video management system)

This year most companies specializing in CCTV equipment and surveillance camera systems strive to protect commercial facilities by implementing technologies more advanced and sophisticated than ever. If you operate or own a business, you need to know about the most efficient, consistent and up-to-date CCTV system available on the market.

Perhaps you have a business facility that requires a unique set of features for the best performance. Then it is worth considering an enterprise-level system that supports multiple servers and cameras. Such a system can store footage in a network video recorder (NRV) or be cloud-based. The second type exempts you from the need for infrastructure and physical hardware.


What Is VMS?

VMS (or video management system) is a component of a surveillance camera system that includes video management software and a video management server. This system can collect, record and store footage to a storage device.

What is more, it provides an interface to view live or recorded videos. VMS can also offer additional capabilities and features, such as face recognition, distributed processing, motion and license plate detection.


What Brands Offer Top-Tier Video Management Software Solutions?


This leading CCTV equipment brand suggests not only cutting-edge security cameras but also VMS that partners with artificial intelligence to detect and prevent illegal activities.

The Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software allows efficient video management and monitoring across all business premises. Operators can search footage for specific events and individuals, use face or license plate recognition, review footage across all commercial locations.

ACC analytics give companies a full range of person, behaviour and object recognition functions, with the ability to classify more than 50 objects, different types of vehicles, including trucks, cars, buses, bicycles, motorcycles and more.

This self-learning software learns to detect and identify moving and static objects with great precision, keeping businesses safe from threats day and night.


  • License plate recognition is capable of scanning and tracking vehicle plates from many countries
  • Focus of attention interface uses AI to identify and flag events that require attention. The interface highlights potentially critical events so a responsible person can easily see where the problem is located.
  • User-friendly interface that allows flagging events
  • COVID-19 response technology ensures safe operations and compliance with local health and safety guidelines. ACC software deploys powerful analytics for social distancing, face mask detection and occupancy counting.
  • Appearance search enables users to find individuals in the stored footage.
  • ACC software recognizes any ONVIF Profile G, Profile S and Profile T conformant camera, pairs with different plugins, and supports integrations with third-party systems, for example, physical security information management systems and access control software.


Milestone Systems

This trusted brand provides superior VMS solutions. Its platforms, for instance, the Milestone XProtect suggests a range of precisely engineered capabilities for business operations. Companies using Milestone software benefit from extensive options of changing user permissions and easy monitoring over entire business locations.

Besides, users can pair Milestone systems with IP surveillance cameras and other security devices from different manufacturers. This system can protect businesses of all sizes. Its responsive and quick interface makes it possible to handle massive amounts of data and multiple supported devices.


  • Easy browsing and navigation using multi-layered maps
  • Customizable search functions letting operators find the footage quickly and effortlessly
  • Trouble-free integration with access control and artificial intelligence programs
  • Unlimited connections of servers, cameras and system users
  • Compression technology that can effectively decrease the cost of video storage
  • Milestone Mobile, Web and Smart Clients let users access footage at any moment



Genetec takes a business’s CCTV system to the next level by introducing a flexible range of innovative security software systems. The Genetec Security Center (GSC) offers software that equips companies with broad protection against crime. GSC includes Synergis access control, Omnicast video surveillance, threat response software and license plate recognition.

Omnicast VMS platform has the scalability to keep pace with changes in a business. It can integrate with many third-party cameras and other devices, depending on the package you choose: Enterprise, Pro, Standard, and Compact.

The Pro package supports up to 250 cameras and 10 clients whereas the Enterprise package supports an unlimited number of clients and cameras.


  • Wide integration and the possibility to pair with a range of popular security devices.
  • Compatible with cloud streaming and cloud storage
  • Efficient scalability
  • Genetec Technical Assistance Portal helps troubleshoot and repair Genetec security systems.


Exacq Technologies

The ExacqVision VMS security solutions by Exacq Technologies apply advanced and scalable technology for business protection. The users of ExacqVision’s VMS can view live and recorded footage, access security functions and features, manage and control system user permissions on their internet-connected devices.

Users can access ExacqVision’s IP or hybrid servers through the ExacqVision app or a web browser. The client software is compatible with Linux, Macintosh and Windows. Exacq video management system software integrates with IP cameras from most leading manufacturers such as Avigilon, Hikvision, Honeywell etc.


  • Powerful search capabilities across multiple camera streams
  • Remote access through the cloud
  • Instant replay of audio and video events
  • Pan-tilt-zoom functionality for precise monitoring



Bosch is famous for first-rate security cameras, other video surveillance products and innovative video management software (BVMS) for businesses of all sizes. BVMS make use of state-of-the-art video analytics to help administrators make informed decisions, take actions and improve safety in the company.

Bosch CCTV system is easily upgraded and scaled according to the changing user’s needs. There are Viewer, Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise types of BVMS. Each of these applications is designed for a particular business.

BVMS Enterprise is the most sophisticated solution and it can connect numerous business locations across time zones, divide commercial sites into sub-systems, and allow administrators to access several sub-systems at the same time.


  • Integrated with third-party storage, cameras, and other systems
  • Operations keep running even when servers fail
  • No need for many NRVs due to the local storage on cameras
  • Pairs with server-based video analytics, facial recognition, license plate detection etc.


A video management system is an essential component of any security system. VMS enables face recognition, license plate detection, COVID-19 health and safety compliance etc. These features significantly simplify business management and security control.

Such companies as Avigilon, Milestone Systems, Genetec, Exacq Technologies and Bosch offer reliable security solutions for businesses and enterprises. Finding the right security solution for your business may be time-consuming and confusing.

Contact our team of professionals at PowerRight to purchase the best system to satisfy your security needs and protect your commercial property.

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