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Why You Should Swap Diesel for Electric Vehicle in Ireland?

Aug 24, 2019
Why You Should Swap Diesel for Electric Vehicle in Ireland?

Electric vehicles or EV is a name that is currently gaining a lot of traction all around Ireland. There are currently more than 1100 EV charging stations across the entire island, with over 70 of them offering fast charging in the Republic alone. This number might seem like a lot for something that has recently become important, but it’s expected to multiply quickly.

EV chargers in Ireland are becoming popular because of these simple reasons: they are simpler and cheaper to keep. If you still own a diesel vehicle, then it is time to change over to an EV. Here’s why:

Government Focus and Incentive

There are over 5,000 electric cars currently travelling on Irish roads every day, making use of the rapidly increasing EV charging points. A reason for this rapid growth is the government’s focus towards promoting EVs all around the country.

For domestic users, the government offers incentives of up to €5,000 for every single electric vehicle, while also offering a €5,000 relief on the registration tax. Furthermore, for a home EV charging point, domestic users can also avail a €600 government grant. If a home EV charging station is not for you, then you can make use of free charging throughout the country.

Similarly, for business users, the government offers incentives of up to €7,000 for every single vehicle purchased commercially as a taxi, limousine, or hackney. Furthermore, incentives for a regular vehicle amount to €5,000, with the registration tax relief being €5,000 as well.

There are several other benefits as well, such as the reduction in the company’s carbon footprint and 0% BIK for fully electric company vehicles. Moreover, they are offered access to all public EV chargers in Ireland.

Cheaper to Maintain and Run

EV vehicles do not require the same level of maintenance that standard oil-based vehicles do. Unlike your diesel vehicle, EVs will not require you to clean different parts from time to time, or even have itself regularly serviced. Moreover, the fact that you will be offered free charging throughout Ireland at hundreds of EV charging points means that there will be no need for fuel costs. Your car will practically be running without cost.

Help for the Environment

With free electric charging stations available to everyone with an EV, fuel consumption and emissions will decrease, offering great sustenance for the Earth’s resources and decreasing harmful emissions. Electric vehicles are great for the environment and are a fantastic way of reducing pollution and keeping the environment clean. Using them instead of regular diesel cars is a service to Ireland and the world.

Electric vehicles are finding strong backing from the government, with many grants and hundreds freely accessible EV chargers in Ireland. Using them not only brings monetary benefits but is also a great way to keep the environment clean and the Earth healthy. Hence, it’s a good time to replace your diesel vehicle with an electric one.

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