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Emerging CCTV Technology Trends For 2022

Mar 24, 2022
Emerging CCTV Technology Trends For 2022

The year 2021 changed how we work, collaborate, communicate and socialize. Our world is gradually emerging from an unparalleled global pandemic while businesses in every industry reassess every aspect of their operation, from how they manage their staff to how they interact with their clients or go to market.

This new environment has also given rise to new types of security challenges. An increasing number of employees, partners and customers are continuing to work from remote locations, which may lead to theft of vulnerable data. 

At the same time, sites are monitored remotely, whereas new public health and safety guidelines are regulating the businesses’ operations. It is time to think and list out the biggest trends in the surveillance camera technology space for the upcoming year.


Video Analytics

Companies have utilized data analytics to understand and uncover insights they never knew about. Data analytics help make crucial business decisions and minimize RoI (Return on investment). Moreover, data analytics has been encouraging business growth for numerous companies.

In 2022 we expect the rise of video analytics specifically in the CCTV solution space. Mass volumes of real-time and historic footage will be processed and studied for pattern detection, predictive analytics and corrective measures.

For instance, Avigilon CCTV cameras (H5A product line) feature next-generation video analytics technology, allowing you to focus your attention on potentially critical events and proactively prevent hazards and crimes.


IoT Technology

IoT (Internet of things) offers practical solutions to users and exclusive opportunities to companies. In 2022 we expect to witness more integration of IoT into the modern surveillance camera technology ecosystem. The IoT technology will make CCTV cameras more proactive, helping them play an active role in crime deterrence.

Except for triggering notifications and alarms, we will see more integration through such concepts as automated harnesses, safety barricades, illumination and other implementations.

Avigilon CCTV solution provider suggests using its Control Center (ACC) system integration with the IPVideo Corporation HALO IoT Smart Sensor to create alarms and rules around these sensor detections and, thus, automate actions or alert operators.


5G Technology

It is the most anticipated technology that has been on the news for the past few years. Every enterprise is anxiously waiting for the future of connectivity for diverse implementations. 5G CCTV and telecom manufacturers are testing and launching prototypes that are 5G-ready.

This technology could be about 100 times the speed of modern 4G technology. What is more, 5G also surpasses 4G in terms of the number of simultaneously managed devices (millions of devices).

The impact of 5G on IP surveillance camera technology will be phenomenal. Massive enterprise premises can connect more devices with a single 5G deployment. CCTV technology will be able to penetrate various market segments with affordable and convenient connectivity. A 5G CCTV camera is a perfect option for remote and hostile regions like coal mines and deserts.


Deep Learning and AI

Even though the Deep learning influence on the CCTV industry is immense, the potential of this technology is yet to manifest itself. In the future, surveillance cameras and solutions will be autonomous robot-like devices. These devices will feature sensory perception technologies and capabilities to zoom in, pan, rotate, and act autonomously without any human intervention.

The example of an advanced deep learning solution of today is Avigilon's AI NVR combining high-performance recording with video analytics. Its Appearance Search technology locates a vehicle of interest or specific person across an entire site using revolutionary Deep learning AI search engine.


This year we will see further development of technologies like AI, IoT, 5G and video analytics to bring greater value to users. These advancements will create new business opportunities for integrators and installers, reaching a wider audience and transforming the CCTV security market.

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