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Face Recognition Technology: Purposes, Applications and Benefits

Nov 02, 2021
Face Recognition Technology: Purposes, Applications and Benefits

Have you ever wondered how we can recognize someone or distinguish one person from another? This process is, in fact, a form of internal face detection and identification. Our mind analyses certain parts of the faces and matches them with those faces stored in our memory. This process is fascinating and almost instant.

It also serves as the basis for some modern contactless systems, such as facial recognition terminals, providing a new level of business security. Although new, this technology is already being used in many applications ranging from access control to social media.


What Is Face Recognition?

Our faces are different in the same way as our fingerprints and retinas. Generally speaking, this AI technology utilizes some specific algorithms to identify a person by their distinctive "faceprint".


How Does It Work?

This technology works by scanning and measuring particular parts of a person’s face. There are some subtle differences even in people who look similar. We may not detect these subtleties consciously, but face recognition can.

The technology scans and determines the things that do not change as we age:

  • Distance between chin and forehead
  • Depth of eye sockets
  • Nose width
  • Jaw length

Today this technology can measure about 80 differences of the face. It is more accurate than it has ever been.


What Are The Most Popular Applications?

The top three popular application categories are:

1. Security and law enforcement. Face recognition technology accelerates investigations and helps to identify passengers at border checks, find disoriented adults, missing children as well as criminals.

2. Health. The AI technology allows tracking patients’ use of medication.

3. Retail and banking. Face detection and identification cameras help to analyze customers' behaviour and improve their purchase process.


How Can This Technology Benefit A Company?

There are numerous ways how it can benefit private companies and public sector organizations.


First of all, this touchless solution is a great way to enhance business security. Not so long time ago companies started to use biometric authentication as a part of the two-factor authentication process. This kind of technology is a powerful way to ensure the safety of your data from physical and cyber threats.


You do not need any special keys or magnetic cards for verification. Thus, no external things can get stolen, lost or manipulated. Moreover, due to the pandemic, there is a trend towards using touchless solutions and access control systems such as facial recognition terminals.

Employee Productivity

Using this AI technology can reduce the risks of any distractions (checking their smartphones or having unauthorized breaks) and keep employees accountable when they are working.


Within the same company, different departments may have different levels of clearance. For instance, a manager can access the schedule, time records, accounting and HR records. An employee, however, can access information relating to their job only. So, facial recognition protects the employees’ privacy.


Some state-of-the-art technology lets retailers measure the appeal of specific products based on customers’ heat maps and emotions. The goal is to develop targeted advertisements based on age and gender.


Digital payments are becoming more and more embedded in our life. Passwords seem to be much less secure. So, digital transactions will require biometrics. The experts say that facial payment is part of the growing face-based digital identity structure, which is inevitable for business security and personal safety.


Facial biometrics recognition is easy to deploy and implement. There is no need for physical interaction with the end-user. That is why it has become a preferred biometric benchmark. In addition, face detection processes for identification and verification are speedy.

There are numerous touchless solutions featuring this technology designed to boost your business security, such as facial recognition terminals or CCTV systems.

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