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Fire Alarms: An In-depth Buyer Guide of 2021

Jan 04, 2021
Fire Alarms: An In-depth Buyer Guide of 2021

Fire causes damage for business and dwellers every year. This damage could have been prevented by contacting an experienced fire alarm system installer and setting up an affordable fire detection solution.

Smoke and fire detectors are necessities. They should be present in every commercial or residential building since there are some standards and regulations that enforce the prevention of fire within the country.

Although finding appropriate fire safety equipment in Sligo may seem like an uneasy task, we provide you with some important information on the fire alarm systems and how to choose them depending on your purpose and premises type.


Part 1. Fire and Smoke Alarms for Home Users

The most popular type of domestic fire safety equipment in Sligo and elsewhere is a smoke detector. As its name suggests, it is nothing more than a sensor that detects smoke if there is a much higher amount of smoke than is expected.

Here are several fire and smoke alarms that you may consider using separately or as a part of your alarm system.

Google Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This modern smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is compatible with iOS and Android and sends notifications to your phone in case of emergency. It is capable of detecting slow and fast-burning fires.

Moreover, the sensor speaks a human voice and changes to yellow colour when detecting a fire. The price is high, ranging from about €100-150 excluding installation, which is quite simple. 

First Alert Onelink Smoke Detector

It detects smoke and CO with its electrochemical sensor and photoelectric smoke detector. Also, it features built-in Alexa, so you can ask your sensor to tell the weather, set timers and play music.

A considerable disadvantage of this sensor is that it is only compatible with Apple devices. Additionally, its price is rather high – around €200.


It is a much simpler option for a more reasonable price of about €60. It is capable of detecting fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide with ionization sensor technology. It indicates the threat with both voice and light alerts. It can be helpful for people with hearing impairments. Unfortunately, this detector does not offer monitoring capabilities or automation.

FireAngel Toast Proof Smoke Alarm

In case cost is a priority, you may consider this simple optical smoke sensor that detects slow-smouldering fires. It features a one-year battery and 3-year warranty excluding the battery. The price is only about €15.

Ensure following the instructions when setting up detectors and alarms carefully as a mistake can cost you a fortune. Consider contacting an experienced fire alarm system installer in your area to help you with that. 


Part 2. Fire Alarm Systems for Businesses

The second best affordable fire detection solution is a fire alarm system. It is a complete package, including detection and action. The system consists of a variety of devices joined together to protect you and your premises. It can both alert the users of fire and take some measures against it.

Installing a decent fire alarm system is imperative for your business. It protects your material recourses, property, saves your employees’ lives and minimizes health risks in case of fire.

Fire alarm systems fall into two categories: automatic and manual. 

  • Automatic systems imply that smoke and fire detection solutions provide audio-visual alerts to let users know of the possible fire.
  • Manual systems imply the usage of such devices as pull stations to alert users. 

These two types of business fire alarms can be further broken down into conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.

Conventional Systems

Conventional systems can make use of modern alarm and detection devices. Each of these components is wired individually into a central control panel. This type of systems identifies an alarm within a particular zone. Thus, such solutions are appropriate for a small location with a limited floor area, for instance, a restaurant or a single retail shop.

On the other hand, these systems are not suitable for large commercial premises as each zone has to be checked in full to locate a fire, which is quite time-consuming.


  • Lower-priced control panel
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple set-up


  • May require more labour to install
  • Prone to false alarms
  • Broad search area

For example, Morley Horizon 2 Zone conventional fire alarm control panel will cost you about €150. It is quite simple to install, maintain and expand. Morley products are intuitive to use, easy to install, network, and configure. The Horizon series is designed for retail units, public offices, restaurants and nursery school. Options with 4 and 8 zones are available.

Addressable systems

This kind of system allows monitoring each alarm and detector in the building by issuing an identifying address for each. Thus, it is easier and faster to locate the fire. Such systems are well-suited for large facilities.


  • Centralized monitoring and management
  • Pre-alarm alert
  • Easy additions and upgrades
  • Easy to adjust
  • Reliable


  • Difficult to install
  • High-priced

One of the leading fire alarm panel providers C-Tec suggests its XFP addressable two loop 32 zone panel for about €700. This panel is certified to EN54 (parts 2 and 4) and is compatible with Apollo's XP95/Discovery protocol. It features a day/night, a delay period, and phased evacuation functions etc.


Despite the fire alarm system type you choose for your business, make sure to have it regularly inspected and to keep it at the optimum operating performance. Thus, you can reduce expenses by avoiding costly false alarms and emergency repairs. Power Right Engineers are ready to provide maintenance checks and servicing for Sligo businesses upon request.

Installing an affordable fire detection solution, such as smoke and carbon monoxide sensors can protect life, material goods and the property. These devices are ideal for home users and do not require much research and investment.

On the other hand, if you run a small or large business, you may choose to find and put in place the best available fire safety equipment in Sligo designed precisely to meet your requirements.

Whether you need to protect your dwelling or commercial premises, do not hesitate to consult Power Right, an experienced fire alarm system installer, successfully setting up fire alarms since 1982.

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