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How to Protect Sligo Businesses During Cold & Flu Season?

Nov 18, 2020
How to Protect Sligo Businesses During Cold & Flu Season?

According to statistics, Irish people took about 9.2 official sick days in 2019, which means lost profit and productivity for the business owner. Although one can fall ill any time, this year is especially troublesome due to COVID-19 pandemic.

As the cold and flu season (and the second wave of coronavirus) has started, business owners have to pay extra attention to their premises’ environment, to make it safe and secure for their employees, clients and themselves.  

There are several things any business can do for the well-being of your staff and visitors: encourage your employees to get vaccinated against flu and stay home if there are any symptoms. These are all low-tech options.

What about using modern technology such as affordable automatic barriers solutions and video intercom systems in Sligo? A reliable access control installation company can advise you on using some tools to solve your most important problems:


Keep Control of Visitor Flow

It is a great idea to keep track of your visitors almost anywhere nowadays, especially at retail premises. 

Use your CCTV system with facial recognition function. It is one of the best contactless access solutions available these days. You can make use of such modern tools as Suprema FaceLite or Suprema FaceStation 2 which are both very advanced and compact.


Check the Temperature

Upgrade your current CCTV system to a thermal CCTV to determine body temperature right there at the entrance of the building. You can use, for example, Hikvision MinMoe Temperature Screening Terminal for a quick and accurate body temperature check. 


Check the Mask

Many of the solutions allow checking if your employees or clients follow the safety requirements, which might be a very useful feature for some businesses with heavy visitor flow, such as shopping centres, airports, train stations etc.


Control the Number of Visitors

Now it matters not only if your visitors and staff are healthy, but the actual number of people per square metre. Audio and video intercom systems in Sligo may ensure a more controlled access control without any need of initial contact. Providing limited and controlled access is especially vital for such places as hospitals and nursing homes.


Control Traffic in Car Parks

Controlling traffic in car parks may help you to reduce the number of visitors if necessary. You may consider using a conventional car park tickets system or some affordable automatic barriers solutions. 


Use Touchless Door Switches

There are some reliable access control installation companies suggesting quite a few contactless solutions including door activation switches. Such tools as, for example, Hotron Clearwave, Hotron Clearwave Non-touch or The Magic Switch, allow opening a door by a wave of a hand, which is very convenient every time and everywhere, especially in hospitals, nursing homes and post offices. Nowadays such switches are particularly relevant as they also stop spreading the germs.


Use Non-Touch Kiosks

One of the most advanced solutions is an app making it possible for a customer not to touch a surface of a physical kiosk at the supermarket or a restaurant. You can merely put and process all the data via your phone.


The most crucial resource of any business is its workforce. During the flu season and the second wave of COVID-19, there are still some steps you can take to guarantee the maximum safety of all the parties involved in your business: control the visitor flow, make sure visitors and employees follow the safety standards, control traffic and implement touchless access solutions.

The best thing you can do is to address a reliable access control installation company to help you make right decisions and choose affordable automatic barriers solutions, advanced thermal screening tools, door switches and video intercom systems in Sligo. 

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