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What Access Control Devices Are Available in Ireland?

Apr 20, 2020
What Access Control Devices Are Available in Ireland?

People with and without Coronavirus symptoms are still venturing outdoors, often without knowing they are infected. As such, it is important to have a system in place to restrict movement and limit contact with surfaces in commercial buildings. What types of access control devices are available to businesses in Ireland where this is concerned? And what brands and features should you be looking for to keep your employees safe and detect potential carriers of the disease? Read on to find out more.

Fever Screening CCTV Cameras

One of the telltale symptoms displayed by the vast majority of people with Coronavirus disease is high fever. As such, fever-screening cameras can be used for access control to help determine if someone has a temperature consistent with COVID-19 infection. One of the leading products in this area is the Hikvision series of security thermal CCTV cameras. These fever-screening cameras can be installed as perimeter access control devices in various businesses, including supermarkets, hospitals, shopping centres, and other public areas. They can scan humans from up to two meters away and will sound an alarm if an elevated temperature is detected.

Thermal Imaging Handheld Cameras

These are handheld cameras that are often used by firefighters but have become useful in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed to find heat sources, thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect heightened body temperatures in people up to one meter away. The Hikvision brand is also a leader where the use of thermal imaging cameras is concerned. Among its benefits include allowing thermal scanning of people in areas where cameras are not/cannot be installed, and the ability to scan people walking in a crowd.

Contactless Access Control

Minimizing contact with surfaces is one of the recommendations for stopping the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Contactless access control systems assist by eliminating the need for people to touch doors, buttons, keypads, etc. Popular contactless options include the Suprema FaceStation 2 facial recognition terminal, the Hotron series of hand motion detection switches, and Vanderbilt Bluetooth readers that allow for contactless door release.


Intercom systems allow businesses to manage the exit and entry of people on the property, as well as the movement of employees within the work area. Traditional intercom systems include devices that require people to enter PINs and passwords, place fingerprints and talk on telephones. In light of the COVID-19 risks, video intercoms are more suitable to prevent contact with surfaces. Products such as the Hikvision line of video intercom devices, allow company personnel to see who is accessing the premises. Through a mobile app interface, the user can communicate using audio, playing videos, opening doors remotely, and even accepting calls. Another plus is that this type of video intercom is compatible with existing CCTV security systems.

Preventing COVID-19 is everyone’s business. Installing suitable access control systems to reduce contact and identify infected people who may be symptomatic is an important step in limiting the spread. Not sure where to start your search for suitable access control systems? Power Right Ltd. carries a wide range of access control devices and is staffed with security experts who can recommend and install the best solutions to suit your needs.

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