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Common Physical Security Risks to Watch Out This Summer

Aug 21, 2020
Common Physical Security Risks to Watch Out This Summer

Physical security aims at safeguarding such physical assets of a company as personnel, IT infrastructure, hardware, information, equipment etc. These days many business owners assume that the most danger comes from cyber threats and often overlook physical security measures.

Regardless of the organization type, physical security is only an element of a wholesome business security strategy. The experts distinguish the three most important components of physical security: access control, video surveillance, and security testing.

Access Control

Any business needs a method of selective restriction of access to the premises. It can be a simple lock for a small office or a shop. In case you have larger premises with multiple entrances, you have to use more advanced technology to guarantee safety (biometric authentication, card or PIN-entry system, and contactless access control).

The most popular access control method is swiping identification cards as you can place card readers everywhere in the building, controlling the timing and movements of your employees.

Video Surveillance

Modern video surveillance systems can not only record a video but also detect heat, motion, smoke and trigger alarms without any human intervention. Cloud-based access control video surveillance provides real-time information and allows us to monitor the system from your mobile device.

Security Testing

To ensure you and your staff acts according to the adopted procedures, you need to test your recovery plan regularly. Testing is a key part of the business security strategy as it allows us to predict and avoid the real problem in the future.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many unexpected challenges to organizations in different industries: most entrepreneurs will have to balance between health considerations and security measures as some measures may seem to increase the spread of the virus. Additional aspects worth noting are social distancing, non-availability of security staff, changes in threats etc. We are going to focus on some of the widespread business security threats to deal with these days.

Building Security

As many organizations had to stop working on-site, often their premises are shut down being an easy target for an intruder. It is a good idea to make sure all exits have a decent access control system and locks. Moreover, you may consider installing modern video surveillance with a remote movement detection system.

Trespassing & Theft

People tend to work remotely, but it doesn’t mean that the physical workplace requires no security measures as we know that less physical security increases the risk of trespassing and theft. Such physical break-ins can result not just in the loss of property, but also in cyber vulnerabilities.

Health Risks

The companies have to consider employees' doubts about security at the workplace and to ensure the safety of the personnel. Many businesses began implementing new technology solutions for employee health and safety. Employees say that the technology that makes them more comfortable returning to a physical workplace is contactless access control or touchless sign-in technology.

Another physical security risk worth mentioning could be overcrowded public spaces, especially in such places as healthcare facilities and construction sites. The possible solution here is utilizing badges and other access control devices to ensure compartmentalization, that is the physical separation or sectioning off of some critical areas.

The ongoing pandemic situation forced practically any business to protect its valued assets such as people, property and resources now with special attention to the employees' health and well-being. It is vital to assess and innovate ageing physical security system.

For instance, you may consider implementing modern access control solutions, such as contactless access control to minimize the spread of coronavirus.

To protect your premises from some conventional security threats (burglary, vandalism, theft), you may choose traditional physical security solutions such as video surveillance, burglar alarms and automatic barriers.

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