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Sustainability Benefits of Paxton Access Control

Mar 01, 2023
Sustainability Benefits of Paxton Access Control

Energy efficiency is one of the powerful levers for business success. The expected increased winter demand as well as changes in the global energy supply have caused increases in the price of energy for households and businesses.

The UNEP (UN Environment Programme) estimates that the electricity consumption of buildings is around 60%. Thus, energy efficiency is a crucial factor in any “green building”. All technologies installed inside help to reduce its footprint.

Paxton, the international security technology manufacturer, provides access control solutions to efficiently manage building activity and save energy by shutting off power to equipment that is not in use.

Smart access control systems guarantee protection from external threats for buildings, assets and occupants. Additionally, such systems allow for generating information that helps make the right decisions.


What Are the Benefits of Paxton Access Control?

Triggers and Actions

Triggers and Actions are a sequence of rules that help control users’ accessibility and enable site activities. So, when there is a signal that a particular event happens, for instance, ‘the intruder alarm is armed’, the system triggers the action such as ‘switch off the lights’.

Paxton offers Net2 and Paxton10 security systems which are ideal for the following premises: offices, schools, shops, hospitals, and factories. Both systems feature Triggers and Actions that provide automated functionality.

Net2, for example, allows setting the rule to switch off the heating when the occupancy level reaches zero in a given area. Paxton10 makes it possible for site managers to set up constraints. So, the condition has to be met before the action occurs. Thus, the constraint could be ensuring windows are closed before turning on the air conditioning when a person enters the office.


Remote Site Management

Another practical energy-saving tool is remote site management enabled by an easy-to-use app. The app provides the means for remotely managing sites using smart devices with an Internet connection.

Thus, building managers can control sites at the touch of a button. You can log in to the software and turn any appliance off without travelling to the site. Building management becomes more intelligent and efficient, reducing energy wastage and saving on bills.


Energy-Saving Smart Readers

Physical access control, such as smart readers and wireless door handles, can be another advantageous energy-saving option alongside the security system features above.

One simple and automated way to reduce energy consumption is a Net2 Proximity Energy Saving Smart Reader that functions like a power switch. The readers include a cover to hold a user’s card that turns the power on and off.

The product can authorize the usage of power only when a valid user card is in place. When a user takes out the card, the appliances, such as air conditioning and lights, will automatically switch off.


Low Power Security Solutions

PaxLock Pro wireless door handles are the ideal solution for businesses looking for environmentally friendly and efficient access control. It is a battery-run product designed to consume minimal energy to function. Its batteries usually last about two years. When not in use, this device entered sleep mode.

When an operation is required, special sensors wake the unit. This feature brings down energy consumption over weekends or holidays when the handles are less used. PaxLock Pro is compatible with Paxton10 and Net2. It also can work as a standalone security device.


Wireless access control systems offer the same safety benefits as wired devices. In addition, it can contribute to an organization’s sustainability strategy. Smart readers and wireless door handles help gather necessary data to make optimal energy-saving decisions. Paxton access control also provides an opportunity to remotely turn the appliances off and on as needed, saving on electric bills.

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