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Top Benefits Of Hikvision Commercial CCTV System?

Mar 15, 2022
Top Benefits Of Hikvision Commercial CCTV System?

In the past, our life was simple, and we did not have to worry about confidentiality or security. These days privacy is at risk. Today if someone decides to start up a business, the first question to be dealt with straight away is the security of the brand or company.

It is imperative to take measures to ensure that the safety of the business and its employees is not harmed either internally or externally. Getting a CCTV system installed on the business premises might be the most important innovation to provide a safe and secure environment.


Who Is Hikvision?

Established in November 2001, Hikvision is one of the world leaders in the security industry. It produces state-of-the-art video surveillance cameras and access control products, such as face recognition terminals and thermal CCTV cameras.

The Hikvision CCTV solutions have a reputation for quality surveillance as well as some additional benefits:


Durable Build Quality

Hikvision CCTV cameras can withstand harsh weather conditions. For instance, their DeepinView series Bullet Camera is equipped with a lens heater and anti-corrosion housing to provide clear imagery in extreme weather.

Extensive Choice

It is not a one size fits all decision. You can find a product according to your specific needs, applications and budget. Choose multi-sensor imaging CCTV cameras to cover its entire area and ultra-low light surveillance cameras with DarkFighter technology to capture highly sensitive areas, such as cash rooms and server rooms.

You will find a wide range of cameras to choose from, such as Bullet, PTZ,  Dome, all with a range of resolutions, lens sizes and features such as night vision.

Remote Access

It is possible to access alarm notifications, live video, and system health check status on mobile phones.


The central management system offers a modern user interface for live view and playback of 3000 surveillance cameras. It provides advanced user, event and alarm management features, including video analytics and health monitoring for all connected devices.

The new user-centric HikCentral Professional 2.2 VMS suggests both a personalized and optimized experience. There are pre-set modes or a customizable system for users with specific routines and duties. You can choose from several different business applications. It is easy to install and deploy the system.

Image Quality And Resolution

Hikvision suggests Network and TurboHD cameras with resolution from 1.3MP to 4K resolution. 4K resolution is the most innovative technology. It has been adopted by the television industry as a standard. 4K is becoming the new norm for business CCTV solutions, promising richer details and better image quality.

Hikvision’s 4K cameras provide clear images, smooth preview and playback. Such CCTV cameras significantly improve applications in diverse scenarios such as stadiums, city surveillance, airports, and parking lots. 


Why Install Hikvision CCTV Solutions With PowerRight?

Having quality surveillance camera equipment in place guarantees that you will have a vision of what is happening in and around your premises. Visual recordings are helpful in a business environment to protect the property at night or screen the visitors.

Installing a business CCTV system will not only be cost-effective long term, but they also have extended warranty when purchased from approved resellers such as PowerRight. We are the only company in the Northwest to have been awarded the Platinum Partnership status.

This highest level of accreditation allows us to offer our customers number-one services and benefits such as engineers certified and trained by Hikvision and exclusive discounts


Safety is the core value that is behind every action or choice. So, any business must provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors. Business CCTV solutions not only protect workers from illness and injuries, but also reduce turnover, increase productivity, and raise employee morale.

Hikvision offers comprehensive security products for various industries, purposes, and markets. If you are looking for an experienced CCTV installer to learn more about Hikvision CCTV systems, do not hesitate to contact the Power Right team.

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