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Water Leak Detector: An In-Depth Buyer Guide

Feb 26, 2021
Water Leak Detector: An In-Depth Buyer Guide

Are you concerned about possible water leaks in your business or residential property? If you are, it may be the right time to invest in a reliable water leak detector.

Most of the time, water leakage occurs due to a faulty pipe, high temperature or water pressure etc. These unexpected emergencies may compromise your home or business security and cause significant damage. Such a nifty appliance as a flood alarm can help to spot water and to prevent excessive moisture and flooding.

Water leak detectors contain special electronic and electrical circuits made of alarms and sensors. When water contacts at least one of these sensors, the alarm activates the audible sound.

Nowadays, an alarm may present itself in a variety of different forms such as text message, blinking light notification or email notification. Moreover, modern flood alarms also can integrate into your smart home platforms.

So, what to look into when choosing the best water detector to improve your home or business security?


Water detection sensitivity

Before buying a water leak detector, find out how much water it takes to set off the alarm. Some models emit the sound only when the water touches the sensor; others can detect the leaks at less than a centimetre away. More advanced and expensive models allow adjusting sensitivity, so the owner is in control of the amount of water or moisture that triggers the alarm. 


Temperature monitoring

This feature can be essential for those who live in really cold areas. Freezing pipes may cause burst and massive repair costs. Thus, getting a notification on time can save you a fortune!


Automatic Water Shut-off

Usually, water leak sensors are divided into active and passive. Passive sensors can only detect the leakage, whereas active ones will also automatically shut off the water source. A continuous water flow may result in substantial damage to your premises. Hence, most experts insist on buying the detectors with this feature, although it significantly increases their costs.


Power source

The choice of the power source for your flood alarm depends on its features. For instance, detectors with automatic water, shut-off feature requires wiring. Otherwise, consider purchasing a battery-powered flood alarm as it will work in case of a power outage. Pick the devices with decent battery life (some of them can last up to 10 years) and a low battery alert feature.


Smart Home Platforms Integration

Another popular feature is a detector’s ability to integrate with smart home products or applications such as Alexa or Amazon.


Mobile connectivity 

This feature is handy appearing even in not so complex detectors. It can notify the owner by sending a phone alert in case the water leak is detected.



There is a wide choice of different water leak detectors for any home or business needs. The price ranges from a simple and affordable Indexa Water Leak Alarm available for only 20 € to Cosiki Commercial LED Water Detector for 312€. The total cost will depend on the number of sensors, features and installation difficulty. Generally speaking, commercial water leaks will be more expensive.


Let’s have a look at some of the most popular water leak detectors.


NEST Water Leak Sensor by leakSMART 

LeakSmart has one of the most intelligent flood prevention systems on the market. This device not only works with NEST smart home system, detects water leaks and monitors the room temperature, but it can also shut down the main water supply in less than 5 seconds. 

LeakSMART app receives an instant notification if a leak is detected. Moreover, it allows turning off (and back on) the main water system remotely. This detector is battery-powered (the batteries are not included) and integrates with the popular smart home platforms.


FIBARO HomeKit Flood Sensor

The FIBARO water leak sensor is a great option for those who are looking for Apple HomeKit compatibility. You can control it with your iPod touch, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. This battery-operated wireless detector monitors temperature changes and features a tamper alert. Unfortunately, this device may have some code/software issues, and there is no email or text message alert service.


First Alert WA100-3 Water Alarm

This battery-powered detector consists of three water-resistant sensors producing an 85-decibel sound that may go on for up to 72 hours. It is possible to position the sensors even in hard to reach and distant places.

This alarm is ideal for such water-prone places as laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, garages or near toilets, sump pumps and water heaters. It is affordable, very sensitive to water and easy to set up. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a battery indicator, remote access and text notifications.


Proteus Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector 

This Wi-Fi detector comes with a wireless water sensor and a sensor cable that can locate leakage on any surface. It alerts the owner through a text message or email (you can add multiple contacts).

The sensor is easy to install. No hub or gateway is required. Moreover, this detector will work in your web browser and with any device. There are three modes of audible alerts, and you can change the setting through your phone or laptop anytime.

Dependence on electricity and usage of the Proteus cloud server as an intermediary source are the main disadvantages of this flood alarm.


Samsung SmartThings Water Sensor

This device is part of SmartThings technology and Smart home products range. This water leak detection system consists of the SmartThings hub (that you need to buy separately). It can connect with a wide range of other devices such as thermostats, speakers, lights, locks and sensors. This system detects water leaks, monitors temperature, activates a light or a siren and sends phone alerts.

The battery is included, and it lasts for about two years. Even though this detector is easy to install, it is not waterproof, the hub and siren are not included. Furthermore, there are some compatibility issues with other smart home systems.


One of the ways to better your house or business security and to prevent expensive repairs from water damage is installing a decent water leak detection system. When choosing the best water leak detector, consider its price, power source, mobile and smart home systems connectivity and such essential features as temperature detection, automatic shut-off. 

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