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Interview in the Sligo Weekender - We are going Green

Jul 12, 2018
Power Right Ltd. team featured in Sligo weekender newspaper article announcing the switch to green energy solutions

Power Right Fire and Security are proud to announce that they are making the switch to green and opting for renewable energy. The company with their headquarters based in Sligo are partnering with EVBox (A World Leading Electric Vehicle EV Charge Station provider for Public, Commercial and Domestic Properties) which shows their commitment to a sustainable future in offering charging points for electric cars as well as lowing the cost of customer's motor costs.

“This is one of our first steps into the renewable energy sector, but our research is ongoing. It is exciting, we are looking at solar energy and we have also implemented some renewable initiatives such as Installing Energy Saving LED light bulbs, but this is a major step for us in this field,” Ross O'Boyle, General Manager of Power Right in Sligo explains.

The benefits to the customer of going renewable are vast. Electric vehicles are cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel counterpart, they are cheaper to maintain, they are better for the environment and society as well as being a benefit to your health and enhancing safety on our roads.

Ross also highlighted the financial gains to be made from making the switch to electric when purchasing your electric vehicle.  ‘’The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offer grants towards buying an electric vehicle up to € 5,000 for Commercial and Domestic Vehicles and getting Domestic Electric Vehicle Chargers installed for up to €600. As our Country comes under more pressure from the EU to hit its Renewable Energy Targets, we expect these incentives to increase.’’

For Power Right, this step is also about listening to their customer's needs and wishes towards a greener future. “It has diversified our offering for our customers. We are 35 years in business and Power Right as our name suggests have a history in electricity, so in that regard, we are going back to our roots. The electric and renewable market offers so much value to our customers” Ross said.

“You can see a trend whereby people are trying to be more socially responsible. Ireland has not yet embraced working towards climate change as much as our European counterparts.  We are proud to be helping towards that process and also letting our customers know that we are doing our bit to help lower our Countries Carbon Footprint.” Ross commented.

The charging stations that Power Right are supplying are from EVBox, who are one of the largest providers of electrical charge stations in the world. EVBox offers an innovative and affordable all-in-1 charging solution for homes and businesses.

With this new Partnership Power Right can offer you from the most basic of charging station for your homes, to a fully managed commercial block of chargers that enables easy installation, maintenance, and upgrades, and above all, uncompromising quality, and reliability.

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